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Human Cosmic Evolution
11/26/2007 6:01:14 AM
Dear friends, dear adlanders In the past two month I have read, many of your mails and plenty of business opportunities, some I shared most I didn’t. Some I left after a short trial period and some I still work with, and enjoy. The main experience was and is still, I made friends; most of them are a valuable extra gift to my life, with some I have to get more acquainted. Having read, oh so many sales letters and all this magnificent business opportunities, many are just copies of the heavy hitters if I may say so, they have learned me a lot. All of you are looking for, are changes in sharing and caring for each other. And of course making some money, and I have to admit I’m no exception. Therefore I decided to start my own forum in science and history. You may ask why here, if you have read my profile, this explains the science part. We are not only numbers to calculate and play with. We are humans; we think, act and depend on our emotions. Talking about history is fun. Yesterday is history, today we write history and tomorrow we live the history we created yesterday. We live our thoughts and creations we made. And all outcomes depend on the decisions we made and the actions we take. We are all responsible of our own lives and the world we live in. Dear friends, I like to invite you all, to share with me or other members, your thoughts your expectations how we can help each other, or how I can improve my homepage to serve you and many other individuals better, what do you like to find, read or hear to be of any help to improve your life. What I personally and definitely not want to find on this forum is any business suggestions, even if I can make a million today. Have all a marvelous day and a long, healthy, prosperous life Sincerely docbraun (Bernd)
Mary Hofstetter

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Re: Human Cosmic Evolution
11/26/2007 7:36:11 AM
Hi Bernd, Congratulations on your first post. You will find many here who will love to share ideas with you. You are a breath of fresh air as you post forum threads of quality. I do hope our members honor your request and refrain from posting ads (you are in control here---so delete if necessary) and posting here just to get seen. We are all a product of our history which has made us what we are. What my parents did and said and past generations has molded us into our unique personalities. We can write new history on we now experience, so I look forward to the growth of this forum. It would be nice if you shared your site with us by putting it in a signature line. Again, welcome to the world of forums. Mary
Re: Human Cosmic Evolution
11/26/2007 8:13:59 AM

Hi dear Mary,

Thank you very much, for the kind and encouraging words, and again you have managed to be the first, indeed old teachers still have class, I cherish that.

You are an example of a fresh minded,dynamic lady and I feel lucky to have you as my friend.

As I promised, we can only give what we have.

is my site, please have all the pleasure you wish.

Enjoy your day



Peter Fogel

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Re: Human Cosmic Evolution
11/26/2007 8:23:12 AM

HI Bernd,

Thanks for inviting me to join this forum.

Truth be told when I read subject of the forum I thought it might be out of my league but after reading what you had to say I realized that I was able to contribute to this interesting topic.

I'm a bit pressed for time so it'll have to be a bit later but I just wanted to say hi in the meantime.

Best wishes & Shalom,



Peter Fogel
Babylon 7
Re: Human Cosmic Evolution
11/26/2007 1:16:10 PM

Thank you for the information,


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