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Re: Just baptised at 47 yrs old. Help appreciated.
12/12/2007 6:25:59 PM

Hello Marion and thanks for your comments.

I should have put the statement about substituting money for anything at the top. It was mainly about the gaining and keeping self-respect that really got me. I know that asking the lord for help in this Will help a lot, but one thing thing that sticks in my mind from my learnings is "the Lord helps those who help themselves" I may be wrong but I feel that if you ask for things or self-help but don't take some action yourself you wind up using God for a crutch rather than a helper.

A way to help gain and keep self-respect was what I got out of the email. I sincerely hope I didn't send the wrong message to anyone, that was not my intent. The message probably would have been better edited and changed a bit here and there, I saw that before I posted it but then I would have been putting my words under his name and that would have been wrong.

I have a problem with self-respect at times and I'm sure a lot of people do. Those points were what really struck me in the message.

There is definitely no substitute for asking the lord for help! I do everyday. His help has gotten me through some pretty rough times, and I make sure to thank him for it.

Thanks again Marion, maybe I should have thought twice before putting that In here, but maybe 1 person who read it was helped by it and if so, it was worth it.


Have a great day. Philip Thompson God bless.
Marion Tucker

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Re: Just baptised at 47 yrs old. Help appreciated.
12/17/2007 3:39:15 PM
It is okay Philip.  Maybe I took it the wrong way. 

Never let anyone tell you that you are not as good as they are.  We need to have people around us that are positive and make us feel worthy.  You are worthy because you are one of God's children like everyone else.  We get lost some times but our father in heaven will always take us back. 

I just hate the fact that the whole world is going to what I call me ism.  It's all about me and the heck with everyone else.  That really gets to me.  You have people now bumping into into you at the store with carts and never even turn around and say they are sorry.

I like this part of your attachment message:
"Whatever you want for yourself, help other's get it first." 

You can personal message me as well and we can talk or give me a call if you wish.  Just request my phone number by personal message. 

Merry Christmas!
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Re: Just baptised at 47 yrs old. Help appreciated.
12/26/2007 8:12:06 PM

Hi Phillip, this is awesome news !!!!

Welcome to the Kingdom.......

I will be 23 years old in the Lord, this June.....

I would be very glad to help you anytime, with cousel, or prayers or encouragement. I am new to this board, so, if you know how to contact me, please feel free, and put something about the Lord in the subject line, I have been getting so many inquiries, I am not sure if I will be able to answer them all or not, some, I already found out, are commercial in content, and those, I am not looking forward to opening, if I can tell the difference.

As for praying for your self, and thinking it to be selfish, I really don't know where that teaching came from, however, I have not found anything in the bible that indicates it is scriptural, if you or anyone else finds that it is, I would appreciate knowing the verse. I have always prayed for myself, as I am the one that I have the most trouble with !!!!

The Lord is delighted to hear your prayers, so, don't hesitate to pray, any time, about anything. He cares about everything that troubles you, and is able to help with it.

Have you started reading your bible yet? It will make you strong, as you allow the words to penetrate into your spirit and soul.

Don't worry so much about the bad habits, just keep taking them to the Lord in prayer, he will help you to have the strength to overcome them.

Have you learned about fasting yet? If not, you might want to do some studying on it, when you have time, it is the ultimate tool that the Lord has given us to help us overcome. As we set aside time to seek him in fasting, and prayer, we grow stronger in the spirit, and the old things fall off quicker.

I will look forward to hearing from you, and reading about how you are doing.

A babe in Christ is the most important kid on the block, and you are it!!!!!  God Bless......Gayla S.

Nick Sym

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Re: Just baptised at 47 yrs old. Help appreciated.
12/27/2007 12:57:41 AM
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Kathy Clouse

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Re: Just baptised at 47 yrs old. Help appreciated.
8/14/2008 12:44:48 PM
Hi, my name is Kathy and it took me 40 years of living my own life, doing my own things and serving the evil one before I was brought to Jesus redeeming grace. Was it instantly easy for me? No, I brought my foul mouth, my nasty attitudes towards others and life into my new relationship. I prayed and just let God know what I was thinking, what I was struggling with, and how I was doing. Slowly, my foul mouth left, my hatred for others, my hatred for the ones who had hurt me, I began growing in Him. Then a few years back, I was at the point in my life, my health was going downhill, my finances were less than nothing, nothing seemed to work for me. What was my problem? I had never completely turned my will, my life over to God, I was still hanging on to the Kathy can do it on her own, I don't need anyone. That day, I told the Lord, I will follow Your purpose for me, Your will, and will do whatever You want me to do. My heart is melted and I have a complete joy and peace, that I would never have believed I could have. I have been told in December that all my health issues where not aging, I have cirrhosis, and Chronic HepC with a lot of other serious health issues. I prayed and asked why? the answer...My grace is sufficient for you...follow me...let My light so shine that others come to me. And that is what I have been doing since. You hand in there, if you need anything, ask. It is different when you are new to God's way, especially bringing in all the garbage from your past. Talk with Your Lord always, He is there and hears you and wants to love and guide you in all things. Kat

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