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Re: Just baptised at 47 yrs old. Help appreciated.
10/8/2007 2:27:39 PM

Hello Philip!  8)


Just remember that Christ isn't done with you yet and that every day is a learning experience.

Your spiritual strength is going to be according to how much you read your Bible and how much you pray. Your Spirit has to be fed or you'll never be strong.

Take care my friend and God bless you.  ;-)



Sharon Lee

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Re: Just baptized at 47 yrs old. Help appreciated.
10/8/2007 2:37:22 PM

Philip, Bless you!! Realizing your strengths through Christ is amazing.

Jesus said, "What do you want Me to do for you?" (Mark 10:36).

"They said to Him, 'Grant us that we may sit, one on Your right hand and the other on Your left, in Your glory.'" (Mark 10:37)

Jesus told them they really didn't know what they were asking for. He asked them, "Are you able to drink the cup that I drink, and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?" Mark 10:38

Believe in Him, Christ our Lord.

Re: Just baptized at 47 yrs old. Help appreciated.
10/9/2007 2:13:56 AM

Hello all,

Many thanks for all the support. I need to ask for one extra prayer though. I am having pretty rough times financally. This month was going to be ok though. My wife needs help now and if I give her the money she needs I'll be hurting again. Please pray that her financial problems work out. Thank you! I have prayed many times and now to keep from worrying I tell myself "It's in Gods hands now". It's hard not to worry though, I need to work on my faith! I am trying to.

I have read through a lot of forum threads here and I can see that there are a lot of caring people here.

I read a lot of posts where people ask for prayers and I do pray for them but I dont reply often in here because most times it hurts to type.

Thanks again all and God bless.

Oh I became a step-grandpa again today (monday). Amy, 9 lbs 2 oz. 21 in long. Amanda, my step-daughter really made up for her first daughter who was born 3 months premature and only weighed 1.5 lbs.

That made my day great!

Have a great day. Philip Thompson God bless.
Marion Tucker

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Re: Just baptized at 47 yrs old. Help appreciated.
10/12/2007 10:26:59 PM
Hello Phil,

Prayers going up for you and your wife.  I am sure God will provide.  Have faith brother, have faith!

Congrats on the new grandbaby!!

God Bless!
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Re: Just baptised at 47 yrs old. Help appreciated.
10/19/2007 8:11:04 PM

What wondeful news welcome to the family of God!

Just keep your eyes on Him and seeking Him in

the word and you will find the strenght to go on

with the Lord!




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