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Mary Hofstetter

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Re: Panda Pointer--What's Nice and what's not!! You tell us! Survey
9/11/2007 8:04:22 AM
Hi forum participants, I have put up the forum in "We Never stop learning" Panda Pointers. You can send this url to your friends list or use in any other constructive way. I need to know if you would like your name posted as a contributor? I would like to give credit to you. I also added: Monitor your friends list. Bruce can attest to the fact that his friends list included a prono woman last week. Monitor forums you post in: Personal experinence with that one. The original post can be completely changed in subject matter. When you see the whole list it is scary. Appreciate the good internet, honest, friends you have. I have left this forum open to further additions or comments.
Joyce Sanders

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Re: Panda Pointer--What's Nice and what's not!! You tell us! Survey
9/11/2007 9:00:13 AM

I tend to agree with Emily to a great extent.  There are so many "rats" in the internet that it gives the real rats a bad name.  Abuse comes with just about anything I suppose.

However, I would like to say I have found some good people at Adlandpro.  I just ignore folks begging for money or whatever.  I do my free clicks everyday to help the animals.  I got that link from some really nice person here at Adlanpro.  I do not remember who.  I tend to participate in forums that line up with my interest here at home.  Of course, Arts & Crafts are one of my favorite forums and Jokes & Humor.

I go along with what was said about the religious subject.  It is a say day when people start using religion to frisk others out of money.  It's a shame and God will get them for it. 

Please, reconsider cancelling your account, Emily.   There are a lot of good listeners here at Adlandpro.  There are a lot of good hearts here. 

Best Regards,

Jenny SJ

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Re: Panda Pointer--What's Nice and what's not!! You tell us! Survey
9/11/2007 9:32:44 AM
Hello Mary,

I knew little Panda would end up with his own forum one day!


What a great forum, Mary.  There are a lot of very nice things at Adland - not least being the making some very dear friends and may be doing a little business too. 

But it doesnt mean that we can put on the blinkers and escape from reality. 

Your point number 4 is, sadly one of the darks sides of any internet community and including AdlandPro. 

Hype and exageration is rife here - as it on many other places.One thing that is especially noticable here is that there is  not a great deal of discussion on these programmes.  The promoters usually moderate the forums and as a result - it is frequent that any criticism or probing questions are deleted.  so healthy debate on programmes is discouraged by the system.  this in turn makes it a good place to promote something questionable.

So as a result - there are some very dubious programmes promoted through ignorance or intent on all internet networking communities.  here Adland is very user friendly - and attracts   a lot of newbies to internet marketing.  As long as there is healthy discussion and people are willing to discuss all aspect of their programmes openly -. we are safe -

But when we are subject to deletions and bannings for asking questions- then we need to be very very careful and do our due diligence
..  No businesses with nothing to hide can object to questions and challenges - they will always have satisfactory answers.

The other thing that has struck me is that, from another state or country, there are a minority ,who  hide behind their computers and IM services and use the internet to be what they would like to be and not what they are.

They build a little image for themselves and we are often taken in by this.  And it is not a question of photos - those might be real.   The failure who pretends to be a success, the broke guy who pretends to make money, the "poor me's", the rapid recruiters who pretend to care who pretend to care - there are many variations on a theme.  How many of these people would like you to turn up their front door?.

Interesting comment No.17 - about people changing the lead posts - I have on ocassion updated a lead post with extra information - but never with the intention to mislead.and never deleting content    However- you have made a good pòint - there are a minoirty who have used the edit facility to whitewash themselves and remove unfortunate provocative comments or untruths ,( and even though this remains on the AdlandPro hard disk.- it is not something we have access to) - and they abuse this system to come out "sqeaky clean" and avoid responsiblity for their original statements.

Your number 7  , is also sadly true - there rse again a minoirty who use the public and valuable bandwidth of AdlandPro to settle their private grievances and waste a lot of peoples time  rallying support which we could other wise use for getting to know each other and networking

After 20 months at Adland - my conclusion is
(1)that we should stop using Adland to wash our dirty laundry in public, and
(2) that instead of worrying so much about  spam (bad manners) we should take a little more interest in the quality of the programmes promoted here  and encourage the healthy debate that that sorts the scams and shams from the genuine sustainable business opportunities.

Thanks for this forum Mary.


Re: Panda Pointer--What's Nice and what's not!! You tell us! Survey
9/11/2007 9:44:07 AM

Thank you, Mary, for this forum.  I am going to keep coming back to read what others post.  I know when I first joined ALP it began to be a struggle to stay with it.  Due to family problems, I had to stop posting for a while and just recently came back.  I never cancelled my membership, just stopped receiving notices.  I find in coming back, a lot of changes have taken place and I believe better for the most part. 

About the number of friends and number of posts.  It seems that the more you have, the more popular you become.  That is not so bad and you can learn to pick the winners in your list and respond to what appeals to you.  None of us are going to agree on the same thing, no matter what forum you are in, for me it has been best to just read and go on to another.  I post to the ones I like and always try to support my friends and others in need.

Keep up the good work, Mary!


Re: Panda Pointer--What's Nice and what's not!! You tell us! Survey
9/11/2007 9:49:00 AM

Hello, all.

I thank Mary especially for such an exhaustive enlightening and cautioning list. The list is really helpful in bringing me back to the internet reality. I was almost always too free while dealing with "friends" on various forums as if the moderators or owners had a means of sifting the grains from the chaff in the registration process. It is, however, saddening that one cannot be too comfortable with one's "friends" on the various foums, especially where the $ goal is paramount.

Regards to all,


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