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Judy Smith

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Re: Always have my Faith
7/21/2007 7:31:51 AM

Hi Trudy, and good morning Nirmala,

I join you in your prayer, and know that God will answer with good and wonderful things.  I also pray that your son will make the fhone call a move toward the healing he deserves and needs.  It sounds like a wonderful place.

God Bless you, Trudy.  I know how difficult it is to want so badly to help your son, and have your hands tied by the technicality of him having to initial the process.  As hard as that is to accept, it is very true that he will reap no benefit of treatment if he is not willing to take the steps and accept the treatment and then work the program that is laid out for him.

I will continue to pray and God be with you


Trudy Wideman

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Re: Always have my Faith
7/21/2007 8:48:41 PM
You have made this day worth living and I thank you and all my friends all of your prayers are so wonderful that i acn really feel the Hoely Spirit all over me when I read them, I love God so much that I am sure he is sending me a lot of love thru all of my new family & I thank him in the name of his son.
Bruce Macomber

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Re: Always have my Faith
8/4/2007 5:11:40 AM
Dearest Trudy,

I have only just learned of this forum and I would like to add my prayers to those already offered.

Heavenly Father, we lift up to You our sister Trudy and pray that You heal her broken heart by leading her son to a healing place, and work a stunning miracle in both of their lives, unmistakenly to Your Glory. Father, please encompass Trudy with your loving spirit, and place a hedge around her and encourage her.

In Jesus name, Amen.

If you can, Trudy, will you come back soon and give us an update? I know it is hard to wait on the Lord, because all things are done in His time and to His good purpose.

God Bless.

Richard Boyle

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Re: Always have my Faith
8/4/2007 5:46:19 PM

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Bruce Macomber

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Re: Always have my Faith
8/4/2007 5:55:04 PM
"You may think this is bad taste"

Yeap, pretty much. Thoughtless and preying on the misery of others comes to mind, too.

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