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Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adland #15
6/26/2007 10:08:18 AM

I know those so well now, and I do recommend all to take a close look in to Jenny`s Website. Nicer angels and natives will not be found any place.

CONGRATS for being highlighted here Jenny.

Hugs to the lovely Team


Venerina Conti

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Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adland #15
6/26/2007 5:50:25 PM

Hello Rose and Jenny ...

If I don't post my life will not be worth living heheheheheh

I love your angels ... I'm just waiting for you to get your a** in gear and send them to me :-)) ... oh sorry ... forgot ... collection on arrival only ... there goes the excess baggage allowance then ....

On closer inspection ... no wonder the language is .... **** .... at times ... I mean I knew there was detail in them ... but didn't realise quite how much !!!  I feel like I have painted them with you sometimes!!! :-))

Huggers and Pampers 

V. x

Joanne Martell

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Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adland #15
6/26/2007 9:01:26 PM

Thank you Rose, for featuring our wonderful friend, Jenny!

I am blessed to have Jenny as a real angel in my life, and you couldn't have chosen a better exhibitor for this forum.

Jenny's angels are as beautiful as her heart is!

Blessings my wonderful friend,

Joanne ^j^

Luis Miguel Goitizolo

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Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adland #15
6/26/2007 9:33:35 PM

Dear Jenny,

Your art is simply exquisite and the level of beauty is only second to that of the great masters of the Renaissance. It’s hard to imagine how realized you must feel in creating such figurines. Really, they possess an inherent quality of bringing heaven to earth!

I have tried to choose a favorite figure or set for a full hour without being able to, so delectable they all are... and I could spend hours viewing the catalogue at your website without deciding on one.

Thank you for producing such master work and for bringing it into our reach, and thank Rose and Venerina for allowing us to appreciate this wonderful exhibition.

With profound respect and appreciation,

Luis Miguel Goitizolo

"Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life" (Confucius)

Chris Agostarola

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Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adland #15
6/27/2007 5:17:53 PM

Hi Jenny,

Beautiful, Beautiful work you do!



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