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Joan Fleischmann

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Re: Come Take A Look At Our Website for the Hearing Impaired!
5/29/2007 4:09:56 PM

Okay Stephen you pushed me to it. It's easy to just fix the problem and try to not recognize the real problem.

And why we have not arrived to that place in all of our lives where there is no more pain. No more hearing impairments.

That perfect life we were promised. And that brings me to wonder what are we doing for ourselves.

You know God needs us too. We are needed to recognize we were made perfect in God's perfect image and Evil is a lie and there is no truth in it.

Perfect in God's perfect and untainted image. Beautiful and perfect, Free from all sickness placed here by Evil.

I plead the blood of Jesus Christ who dwells in me and each and everyone who believes. That evil reign no more, shed thine eyes so I may see. We are perfect as God made us and every evil thing is a lie.

May God Bless every soul who reads this.


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Re: Come Take A Look At Our Website for the Hearing Impaired!
5/29/2007 4:17:21 PM

I enjoyed reading your post. It is full of truth Joan. God is not responsible for pain and suffering. No God is not. Evil is something we have to fight against; a pain-free world. Your words are more than words however, they are insights into the soul, spirit, and world of God. They are most welcome here. Anytime, Joan, anytime! 


Steve Hall

Re: Hey byron, thanks for the info
5/29/2007 4:25:32 PM

I guess the deaf themsleves will have to decide if these are for them or not. Anything like movies are kinda hard for the hearing-impaired unles they have subtitles. Do yours have subtitles? I doubt it very much. But thank you  anyway, perhaps some of your other offerings will be more suitable.


Steve Hall

Bonnie Branch

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Hearing impaired
5/29/2007 8:41:27 PM

Hi Steve.

I, too, wish to thank you for bringing this very important topic to my attention.  The big new wow is YouTube, but I can't say I've ever seen anyone use it with subtitles or transcript. 

Sometimes sound is overrated anyway, well, just the use of it.  It sometimes irritates me that while I'm surfing there's a site that just blares my eardrums without warning!  A site that would offer an option of transcript versus sound would definitely pique my interest!

Good luck with your efforts!


Re: Hearing impaired
5/29/2007 8:57:39 PM

Thank you so much for posting Bonnie! It's great to have your thoughts included here. I had never thought of youtube, perhaps because it fulfills a need for videos with sounds, but wouldn't it be great if they gave us text as well, for the hearing-impaired! That would be inclusive and that's what's needed. Get those word proccesors humming up there youtube! We want text too besides sound!

Bonnie, your comments are always welcome here. Don't be a stranger. Come back and check us out frequently. And if you feel so moved, do post. Thank you so much for this message you've given to everyone. And thank yo for your support too!


Steve Hall


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