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Come Take A Look At Our Website for the Hearing Impaired!
5/20/2007 10:41:50 PM
Welcome to our forum, any thoughts ideas, or stories you might have are indeed welcome! Please continue to shine the light of justice on this serious internet problem.
Come take a look at the website. C'mon now check it out, it is something to see!
Diane Bjorling

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Re: Come Take A Look At Our Website fro the Hearing Impaired!
5/21/2007 12:53:12 PM

The hearing impaired  - what a worthwhile subject that needs addressing!  all too  often we don't recognize the needs and concerns of this amazing group of people.  I have been so fortunate to be in contact as well as making friends in particular with one very kewl person - David Archer-Longden  - who is part of this great community. He has taught me so much about the concerns as well as the frustrations of all people who are deaf.  I remember meeting Dave, to be honest I didnt quite understand myself the scope of the issues/frustrations that have NEVER been eye- opener,to be honest I nearly cried.

Thank-you Stephen for just being are a good friend!!

Peace and light to you


P.S. I will be watching your forum closely and if you need help all you have to do is ask.  Maybe we can get Dave here and get him to his words the frustrations etc?  Just a thought

Re: Come Take A Look At Our Website for the Hearing Impaired!
5/21/2007 1:28:41 PM

Thanks diane, for speaking so eloquently about the hearing impaired, their lifestyle is something to behold, a life of silence., mostly, but also a life of deeper perceptions made by their other senses, especailly sight! They can't hear the birdsong, but oh how they can see the bird in flight, much better than we with all five sense can! And how they do love music ,or the feeling of vibrations on their bodies, it drives them wild with joy! WE need watch out for I've become envious of the deaf just by working with so many who lead happy, productive lives. And have those other senses sharpened and honed to a real cutting-edge.

But it is too bad that the internet cannot see their problems, that's what this forum is all about! The videos and audios without pdf back-up leave the hearing-impaired totally at the end of the pack.  EAT MY DUST is what we are, in effect, saying to them each time we produce a new audio without text backup. It's a shame, but something we are trying to change. How about David? Our mutual friend. He has tried everything possible to be successful on the internet and look where its got him, nowhere. And David, it's not your fault! It's our fault, for making things so inaccessable. Well, David, this forum honors you and all people like you, including the blind out there as well. We aim to change things for you  David! And yes the blind,....another battle to be fought another day,.....or will everyone stop and think about what we are doing to all these great people? Perhaps, if we all get together on this,... then cyber mountains WILL move!



Thomas Richmond

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Re: Come Take A Look At Our Website for the Hearing Impaired!
5/21/2007 8:11:59 PM
Thank you Stephen for an awesome exposior to this serious delema we have for the hearing impared, i have been working very closely to my boss over at Ojeez community which should be opening up any day now, but we are working on that very same thing for us to use. Yeah flash builder is pretty cool i have one going around somewhere in here. Have great day Stephen! and thanks again.
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Annie Parker

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Re: Come Take A Look At Our Website for the Hearing Impaired!
5/21/2007 8:41:39 PM
Hey Stephen! I STAND IN AWE!!! What a marvelous thing to do! The hearing impaired are wonderful human beings, with a burden to bear that I am afraid I would not have the courage to adapt to. I know many hearing impaired, and I have even met a few in the mission field! They are awesome! And deserve the very best that we, who have been blessed to be able to hear the birds sing, and the words"I love you" whispered in our ear, can offer! I checked out the site....and I will be one of your strongest promoters! If you have any ways that you think might be helpful...count me in! Jewels a plenty are being applied to your crown in Heaven, I know!!!!! May you be blessed in abundance and way more than over-flowing, for your heart! Blessings! Miss Annie
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