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Dave Cottrell

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OK, then... Let's just break all the rules!
5/10/2007 3:58:19 AM
Ok... let's make this a GREAT community!! We'll start by throwing out the rule book. Rules just stifle creativity. Who needs them? Imagine the variety if everyone just put up any old picture of anyone or anything for their profile pic! We could have contests to guess what people REALLY look like and the winner would get a printable copy of the person's real picture. (I can just see it... Picture of the Minute or POM (let's not make a mistake and get the M transposed...)) I could put up a picture of Elvis in his twenties and say I'm his reincarnation - imagine all the friend invitations I'd get! We should also all get software so we can send thousands of ads to all our "friends" so we'll all get rich. We shouldn't care if they don't WANT to get ads from us - hey, we know what's best for them, and besides, how are we going to get rich if we don't beat down everyone's resistance? Next, if we don't like someone, we should be able to proudly post that fact in a public forum and go around pasting copies of our post on everyone else's forum, too. That way, everyone will be able to hate that person just as much as we do! Eventually, everyone will hate everyone equally, and we'll all get along just fine... Let's not keep things just in the community, either. If someone feels they've been slighted here in this community, let's email the details all over the internet and make sure to post on Yahoo groups and other communities, as well. Why not do as much damage to someone's reputation in the heat of our passion as we can! Rules-shmools! Who cares what anybody does or says as long as most of what they say is interesting and educational most of the time and as long as it isn't me, personally, who has to suffer. It's very audacious of the OWNER of the community who has spent a tremendous amount of time and effort building it to actually expect the membership to follow rules. Why, who, on Earth, would want to join? As a businessman, why would he want to create something that people would actually pay money to be a member of? That's downright GREEDY of him... isn't it? OK - I'm raving... but from what I've seen in a lot of places, including places OTHER than this community (shame on you - you know who), that's the way some people think this community should be run, and they're all too quick to jump all over members who think the rules SHOULD be followed! Why is it that people join something because they think it's so great, then do all they can to ruin and change it? Bizarre. God bless, Dave
Arthur Webster

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Re: OK, then... Let's just break all the rules!
5/10/2007 4:21:51 AM

Hi, Dave,

Great rant! I just loved it.

Then I looked around me and thought, "In my community, who always follows the rules? Whether it be about hanging out washing on Sunday, not walking a dog off a lead or not putting out the rubbish before 8pm each day" - who really cares?

The answer is - nobody! Of the three examples I have given, I have transgressed on two of them.

It is a bit like that at Adland.

The big difference at Adland is the degree of conspiracy that seems to occur in the more serious aspects of rule breaking - the personal attacks.

I have heard some dreadful stories of slander, vilification and fabrication - all designed to distress and 'get' particular members of the community. I must say, I did not think that other things were going on outside Adland to press these attacks, but I am not really surprised.

Having recently been accused of attacking someone, I now post with a disclaimer because it appears that the English I read and write does not travel well so that readers could assume that any post I might make that alluded in any way, shape or style to anything they may have posted previously, is a personal attack.

It has never been my style to attack anybody but, I dare say, I could have been up before the CRC and have to explain myself - the fact that I wasn't presumably would indicate either

1 - the accusation was  totally maliscious

or 2 - the CRC is not trusted.

Both the forum owner and I have been terribly distressed by this incident but, guess what, no rules were broken.

Some incidents cannot be prevented by rules and, as we have all seen, rules cannot prevent some individuals from assuming that they are for everybody else to obey.

It was always thus.

The Old Coot 



Jason Lamure

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Re: OK, then... Let's just break all the rules!
5/10/2007 5:45:09 AM

Hi Dave, really got on a rant today.

One point struck me in particular.

Why not do as much damage to someone's reputation in the heat of our passion as we can! 

Many people do not realize if they post damaging personal information online about an individual, they can be taken to court.

Those found to be legally responsible for damaging an individual's reputation and business in a court of law, stand to lose a lot of money and maybe even end up in jail.

I know what my actions would be if someone took a personal dislike to me and went around in public trying to hurt me and my business.

They would find themselves being invited to attend a Court of Law to compensate me for my damages, very quickly.


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Re: OK, then... Let's just break all the rules!
5/10/2007 6:15:22 AM

Hello David:

Enjoyable read. 

Though in most cases I would tend to agree with you about following the rules of this or any other on line community, the photo issue is a trciky one when you think about this as an example.

Suppose sponsors, Exxon, or Black & Decker decided that they wanted to join a community such as this one. The logo is what they would want featured, not the CEO's photo. When TGAMM came to ALP and posted their logo, it was deleted, thus the reason for my photo and my name. Quite frankly, it was never my intention to ever take the front seat on this bus ride, rather, I wanted to only promote who and what we were as a radio station.

When our affiliate BCN News signed on to ALP, they posted their logo and it too was quickly deleted. Now their profile shows the news they offer being gathered.

Granted, this past year at ALP has been a great ride and has done much to promote TGAMM, however, having my photo and name listed was never the initial intention. I'm a behind the scenes kind of guy when it comes to business, so doing this was not something agreed to willingly, it was voted upon by our Board of Directors. At least I have had the opportuntiy to make it fun by placing numerous photos of myself,  as I do at MYSPACE.COM,  to make it an " in house promotional. "

Here in present time, this community is doing all it can to bring back the image it so rightfully deserves. I can remember the months where chaos ruled and irresponcible behavior applauded - to the point of some having their accounts here at ALP negated for a time.

Back to the issue of rules, as a radio celebrity with 30 plus years in the business, I too understand the importance of " quide lines  '. As a program director , I've had the sad duty of having to fire many Dee Jays for not doing as their contracts stated. Here at ALP, your TOS is your contract. Though I do not agree with the photo issue entirely as mentioned, it is the Law, so to speak.

In fact, we have a thread up to assist this very issue and to help ALP and its owner to fine tune his machine. As one of TGAMM's sponsor and advertiser, it is our duty to assit his efforts to remain a success and to offer our combined 150 years of experience to assist that effort. ALP's image is also the image of those who reside here. 

Now, about your other observations and personal issues. 

I wish I had a dollar for every email I got about the one sent across the Internet with my photo calling me a " provacator ". By the tone of the email I got about this, it sure angered those 300,000 who sent me on line and off line messages of positive support. What a bad call on thier part to list thier contact info and on the other side of that coin, a great promo for TGAMM. Should I say thank you for all the free publicity ?

What some do not realize is that when you do things like that to someone like myself, you open the flood gates to 30 plus years of investigative reporting, where I may decide to follow your " rules ". Should I decide to lower myself to that standard, this could be your prize, as well as those you share your life and time with:

Let me point you here >

My career is golden. My reputation as a broadcaster set in stone. Those who try to chip away at it will find that the best thing they can do is put down their tools of character assassination before someone serves up a meal they will find hard to digest.

To close, thank you for " ranting ". It's a good thing to have a way to get things off your chest and an even better way to get people off their butts to do the right thing.

To your success,

Joe Buccheri




Leon Horton

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Re: OK, then... Let's just break all the rules!
5/10/2007 7:31:11 AM
Hi Dave,

Blatant disregard of the rules is all too often the norm.  You have to remember that today we live in a "Me" society.  "I" and "Me" don't give a hoot about anybody else as it is puported all over the place.

Thanks for trying to wake people up.


P.S.  The link Joe posted is really a huge RANT! 

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