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Lucy Walker

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Re: Social Networking
5/1/2007 3:49:57 PM

Hi Mary,

Networking was never my strong point. My daughter used to tell me all the time that I didn't like people.

My brother claims that I guard my heart too well. I must admit that it is 10 times as hard to become a good social networker on line than in person. It also takes more time than I ever imagined. In the past, I never answered my email unless I was expecting an important message.

Many of my colleagues and I were reprimanded for not using the voice mail system and email at work. It was a whole new mind set for us. I laugh with my former colleagues now, because everyone was issued  a laptop computer and were forced to use it. Luckily, I was computer literate. So I could use it without the offered training. I just didn't like email or electronic communications. My telephone messages pile up to the point where the machine won't accept any more.

I have been trying to change those habits, because they can be a killer in social networking. One must read and answer email in order to stay in touch.

Thank you Mary. I will try harder.



Mary Hofstetter

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Re: Social Networking
5/1/2007 4:03:02 PM

Hi Lucy,

In order to change one has to recognize the problem.  Good luck and just go ahead and jump in with 2 feet.  Be a friend, make friends and you will have a great time networking.


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