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Judy Smith

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Re: All About Depression
7/6/2007 8:22:57 PM

Hi Terry,

We haven't met here in a while, but I saw that Kay had posted here and couldn't stay away!!

Kay, thank you so much for sharing your story.  No matter how long we have escaped the throngs of depression ourselves, the topic always is of interest!  I also found your list of possible triggers tremendously interesting.  There are so many, and you have done a great job of summing it up in an effort to answer Joes' question.

I am going to visit your blogspot and forum, and I do so hope you will return to Terry's forum periodically.



Terry Gorley

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Re: All About Depression
7/6/2007 11:31:26 PM

Thank you Judy for hosting while I was away today!  As always I greatly appreciate your Friendship and awesome support! 

Dear Kay,

Thank you for sharing your experiences regarding depression with us.  Its a painful subject and sometimes one that is difficult to talk about.  I believe its ones like us who have gone through the pain and suffering, who have learned about the illness and its devastating effects that can make a difference by talking about it openly. 

I too learned my triggers.  The simple ones I didn't pay attention to: Late nights ... not eating right ... lack of exercise

PMS ... PMM (pre-menstrual magnification) ... taking Provera for 3 years to help with PMS symptoms.  BIG MISTAKE!

My thoughts ... I learned just how powerful my own thoughts are in either triggering or reducing depression and panic attacks.

Despite knowing the triggers like the ones you mentioned such as retirement, SAD, post surgery, etc a person can still slip ... however, understanding the illness and the triggers does make a huge difference.  Acknowledgement of the depression and underlying causes is a huge factor.  Again it comes back to knowing ones self.

I look forward to reading your son's story here, visiting your blog and Blue Swan's Forum 



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