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Mary Hofstetter

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Fip Flop--Is it summer or winter???
1/25/2007 4:18:41 AM

If my basic geography lessons served me correctly, it is now summer in the southern hemisphere. So to our South American, Africian, and Australian friends we send warm greetings. Those living in the tropics could feed our minds and souls also. Hope the sunshine is warm but tempered with a cool breeze. We know that Europe, and the Americas including our northern friends, the Canadians are experiencing winters worst blast of ice, cold, and snow. Please cheer us up with your delightful summer news. We are bound to the house with visions of spring to come. Please come visit the folk festival at "Once Upon A Summer Day". New artists and crafters have joined since you last visited. In the northern hemisphere our gardens are sleeping under beds of moisture giving snow but our green thumbs are itching. We spend our time looking at gardening magazines and seed catalogs but we know you are enjoying the growing season. Please visit the garden forums and share your experiences of the beauty of your gardens. Friends of the Garden: Welcome to the Garden is quite a long read, so a new forum has been created: The Down Under Garden: (new just for our friends down under)


Linda Collmar

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Re: Fip Flop--Is it summer or winter???
1/25/2007 12:29:20 PM

Hi Mary

I'm in Ohio too,I have been watching it snow all day off and on wish it was sping lol,not here for awhile yet thanks for the invite have a great day.

Linda C.

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John Rivera

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Re: Fip Flop--Is it summer or winter???
1/25/2007 9:44:32 PM

HI Mary and Linda

I live in what is suppose to be Sunny Southern California, BUT it too is kind of wierd.  Most of our fruits have frozen. Temps have been down as far as 5 degrees, something that usually nver happens and has not happened in decades. Last week it was super cold. Today I have the air on???? HUH!!!  Oh welllllllll

Have a Great Winter or is that Summer all.

Re: Fip Flop--Is it summer or winter???
1/25/2007 10:14:58 PM

Hello Mary,

Thanks for the invite! Well, I am now living in sunny Southern California and today was absolutely gorgeous with temperatures in the mid 70's. Last week here though was unusually cold, in fact it was freezing here. I couldn't believe how cold it had gotten here...I felt like I was back in New York for a minute or two. LOL!

It is great here though for the most part...sun shining all the time and warm. What else could I ask for?

Take care and God Bless,


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Re: Fip Flop--Is it summer or winter???
1/25/2007 11:34:19 PM
Hi Mary, Today is Australia Day so we patriotic Aussies are all at the beach or having long lunches of BBQ lamb and Lamingtons. what a beautiful day it is here in Adelaide.27% a light breeze and not a cloud in the sky. After spending thirteen years creating a beautiful romantic garden of lush green lawns and roses.The sweet perfume of roses,climbing roses, minature roses, weeping roses standard roses, I was addicted to their charm. The back garden was a beautiful tropical paradise , a spa a temple of tranquility amongst the delicate maiden hairs,huge Asplenium Nidus, Elk Horns, and Stags. Bravely we sold and moved away. I was so over gardenihng.the coastal views as we sipped cold chardannay on the upstairs balcony at sunset would surely compensate. The new house over looked a front garden of builder's rubble and the back garden was knee high with Rye grass and a strip of dead lawn.What had we done??How could I live without my roses? Phase two water restrictions were announced for Adelaide. I reasrched Coastal gardens and waterwise gardens.I observed what was standing up to the drought and what was not. My first tak was a bold courtyard of potted Agave and Dracaena with a mulch of river pebbles and a small water feature. So easy cheap and dramatic. My new garden now abounds with beautiful flowering Cannas, succulents and not a rose petal in sight. I am so over my rose addicition.come june I shall not be pruning roses I shall be strolling along the beach.
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