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Linda Collmar

Linda Collmar
BirthdayFriday, August 17, 1962
Member SinceMonday, September 26, 2005
Last ActivityFriday, December 21, 2007
LocationNorth Canton, Ohio, United States United States
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About Me
About Me

Hi I'm Linda I have been asked by Bogdan to write a longer about me page so here it is.

I just started on computers a  two year ago in Aug, I still type slow but have got better.

I was born in Akron,Ohio where I have lived most of my life,I live in Barberton,Ohio which is not to far from Akron,Ohio. I am a Mother of three daughters the oldest is Renee and she is 28 and has three children Nicholas is 11 years old,Dylan is 7 years old,

and Samara is 3 years old,next is Lindsay who is 20 years having a child in April 08,  and the youngest is Markie at 17 years old no children and the only one born in another state Va beach,Va. where we lived for 4 years than returned to Akron ones again.Akron,Ohio is not the best when it come to winters, but it is where most of my family is,and I do love the summers here.

I have worked many places, I would say the funnest was when I worked for a fireworks place in Canton,Ohio ,I got alot of free fireworks, to this day I can't see paying for fireworks.For the past four years I have worked for a car lot selling cars I quit two months ago because the owner  and I didn't get along.Now I stay at home and work on my web site on a limited income,I got my first computer two year ago and my boyfriend had this plan for me to sell stuff, I had know clue what I was getting in to. I had never typed before and never been on a computer it took me about 4 to 6 months to get my web site up and running with help from my x -husband  David Holmes  where to advertise for free which brings me here,I don't have money to advertise so I use all the free services I can find such as surf sites,I have worked very hard on my web site and still do,and still have not seen any returns as of yet, but I will not give up and hope to make more web site when I get more ideas and more time in on the computer.I don't have money or interest in MLM programs so please don't ask me to join.I still have alot to learn before I jump into anything else.If you would like to look at my web site drop by your always welcome,and buy something I won't mind that of course...

I have bought some of my products such as Mothers day plaque for my mom and the glass rose for mom and they reaily are great products take  $5.00 off most items everyday,so stop by and take a look. I'm looking for websites with collectibles to

exchange links,or sites selling any products with in reason.

check out my link page at and have a great day !!!!

I have started a blog on my site to keep you up to date on changes please feel free to leave your commets.I will edit  anything that is in bad taste.

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Christel E. Agnes - (11/20/2006 9:11:51 PM) : Linda is a sweetheart, that's why

Linda Collmar - (11/20/2006 9:11:51 PM) : Thank you Christel this is sweet of you
Leon King - (11/20/2006 2:46:19 PM) : Linda Certainly is a memeber in good standing
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Linda Collmar - (11/20/2006 2:46:19 PM) : Thank you Leon
Masud Selim - (9/29/2006 10:19:57 PM) : hello Linda

How r u doing

Would like to invite you as an adlandpro friend

Masud / Dhaka - Bangladesh
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Maamoun Daou - (5/9/2006 9:30:40 PM) : hi linda
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Linda Collmar - (5/9/2006 9:30:40 PM) :


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