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Re: Cleaning House
1/23/2007 12:03:52 PM

Hello, Cheri,

I have gotten very far behind in wading through all the unread Adland emails that suddenly have started coming by the numbers squared!

This morning, I clicked to alphabetize all of my emails so I could delete as many as I felt that I could w/o reading them.  While I was doing this, I noticed that somehow I had missed your name when your post notice first came out.  (You see that I did not delete your email!)

I knew that you previously had stated that you were going to be very busy offline.  I was so glad to see that you are back for at least a short time.  I have missed you.

I do not see how some people can spend so much time at Adland and still run a business from home.

I apologize for this long post.  My paragraph before the previous one is really my message.  The other "stuff" explains why I am just now posting this.

Best wishes for 2007,


Re: Cleaning House
2/28/2008 1:33:03 AM

It is good to see you again here after a long time.


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