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Rose Smith

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Do you call your prospects?
11/9/2006 3:23:35 AM
The Problem: You know what I've found out? If you REALLY want to make money in Internet or network marketing, whether with direct sales or recruiting a downline, you will need to call your prospects. Let's face it, I'm shy. When I first started network marketing, I was afraid to call prospects. The THOUGHT of contacting people on the phone about my opportunity turned my stomach. Then I found that I COULD actually face the fact of calling people if I really believed in what I had to offer. Still my conversion rate from phone contacts was dismal. I've had to learn by trial and error, slowly but surely, how to get people interested in my offer. Okay... enough of MY story. What's yours? Do you get bullied by prospects? Do people call you about YOUR opportunity only to present their OWN? What if that person who filled out a form and said they have $500 to $1000 to invest in starting a home based business says, "Oh, I don't have the money right now" or "This costs a little too much for me"? The Answer: Now you can learn, in a fully interactive workshop, how to turn cold, evasive prospects into customers time and time again--and I'm serious about that. I learned more in the first workshop than I've learned in my entire time in network marketing. This guy promises to turn you into a sales-closing POWERHOUSE, and I believe it! I'm truly excited that I joined this service. I will need to know these things to work my ITV Ventures business (, and I'm sure you can use it for whatever business you're in. Check it out here There. I've done my job and passed it on. Many blessings to you. Rose
Re: Do you call your prospects?
11/9/2006 5:45:12 AM
Hi Rose, Yes I'm Guilty of not liking 'Cold Calling' but I also beleive that some people will join you even if you dont call them. I dont see the Guru's calling Thanks for your offer but I'll have to pass,I prefer to contact only those who choose me. By the way that I conduct myself and my business. In answering questions straight away,doing what I can to get them reasured that I am reliable,trustworthy and not going to disappear when they eventually join. Hope your having a good day Rose!! Thanks Leanne Busby HOW TO....Add your program,biz or resources. Tips for Building Your Business Great Jokes
Re: Do you call your prospects?
11/9/2006 6:53:42 AM
Morning my friend!! I LOVE calling surveyed leads... people ASKING to be called! So far this month Tim and I've sponsored 5 into our Mela business. There is NO WAY to build relationships or show Mentoring or Support via a "gadget", "Technology" or email.... but the more dials you do, the better you will get! Rose, Dani Johnson ( ) has an awesome training website that's absolutely generic and will help anyone.. and it's F*R*E*E* to join! I've taken her classes, and Tim and I are at a SOLID six figure income now. Much of dialing leads is BELIEF... both your belief in YOURSELF and your belief in your product or service. If it's "new money" (money they aren't already spending for that service or product somewhere every month) you're expecting them to spend today, with the way the economay is it's going to be real tough... They aren't rejecting you! For too many years Tim and I went thru that till we realized the fix for us was real simple.... and we changed companies... People can HEAR your passion when you talk to them... so just SHARE how you feel! Hey, I've replaced a Medical Fraud Investigator and Charge Nurse income and even have Tim out of the military now! If we've done this from home, I KNOW you guys can succeed!! GO FOR IT!! Tim and Linda/CMAS, BS, RN Senior Director 5 http://www.ChangeStores.INFO "With Our Heads Held High" AOL and Yahoo IM - TxBizNurse I will work and live for a few years like others are UNWILLING to, so I can LIVE for the rest of my life like others are UNABLE to...
Tom Sparrow

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Re: Do you call your prospects?
11/9/2006 7:12:55 AM
Yes Rose, I am a scubaPRO, LOL!!! I sure do not only call my prospects, but followup! After they signup, I continue to keep in touch with them helping them every step of the way including email templates, 3-way calls, etc... Tom :o)
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Kathy Kanouse

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Re: Do you call your prospects?
11/9/2006 8:37:44 AM
I have to agree with Leanne on this one. i am not a pushie sales person & so I prefer not to push the calling issue. Every once in awhile I will contact my people via email or by phone But I donot make a point to call every person & give them the spiel about my business.
The other person has to be interested in your business or they will not work at it. I want real poeple whom are devoted to the business not just another number so to speak.
Good Luck to you with your endevors.
Kathy C

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