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Venerina Conti

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Re: Some advice and Please be considerate
10/30/2008 9:04:31 PM
Hello Robert, Thomas and everyone else who has been posting in here ...

I am so sorry but I don't seem to have received any notifications of anyone posting here. 

How are you Robert? I am so sorry for my long silence but Thomas is right, I have been overwhelmed with so much going on.  To top it all, my laptop packed up, had to get a new one and well ... you all know what that means!!!

I am equally sorry to hear that you are having problems with spammers Robert ... but I see that my good friend Thomas has been holding the fort for me ... he is such a sweetheart...  (close your eyes Thomas - that was about you and not to you LOL - you still have a lot to answer for hehehehe)

It is true, I have been very busy working on my thesis ... but it's all done and dusted ... I present it this Monday coming .... OMG!!! .... 3 days from now!!!!  Oh the nail biting of it ....

The book's still not finished ... that is at least 10 chapters short but the pressure is off ... so I can relax and go a bit slower now ....

Well, I may have been gone from my online activities here, there and everywhere but upon returning, I can't help but notice that the level of spamming forums has gone up considerably since I wrote the original post ... ummm ... that long ago.

I know this may seem cruel and heartless but I have started going through my forums and deleting anything that remotely looks like blatant advertising.  I realise everyone has a product to sell.  I accept that everyone wants to find ways to reach a maximum number of people to advertise their products to ... but ... you ... the advertiser ... if you are reading this .... PLEASE RESPECT THE FACT THAT A FORUM BELONGS TO ITS CREATOR .... BE POLITE ... BE RESPECTFUL .... DON'T BLATANTLY POST YOUR ADVERTISING ...

If you haven't got it by now ... let me explain this in simple terms.  When a new post is created in someone's forum ... the notifications get sent to the forum creator's friends list ... if you don't have access to that list (which you don't) chances are the post will not get seen by many people.  So, in essence, you're not going to get the views you're hoping for.

I will repeat myself again from an earlier post.  There are appropriate places in AdlandPro to advertise your business.  There are free options as well as paying options ... do yourself a favour and save yourself some time and disappointment and GO TO THOSE PLACES  ... That's where you and your advertising WILL GET MORE EXPOSURE.

If you need more creative ways to advertise, NETWORK WITH THE PEOPLE YOU SPAM INSTEAD OF SPAMMING THEM .... They may just have some brilliant ideas that could be helpful to you ... and a I have found ... with (for example - in this case) Robert and Thomas as so many other people here ... they become GOOD FRIENDS ......

Friends and business go hand in hand ... think about it ... would you buy anything from a spammer? .... I didn't think so .... so don't be classified as one if you want to do business online and be taken seriously.

Ok, well... I will now check back through the posts and see who else I have missed ...

Robert, Thomas ... hugs to you both

Thomas Richmond

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Re: Some advice and Please be considerate
10/30/2008 11:06:43 PM
Greetings V, i see you have made it back, well you always have been there just not getting any notices, i know..i know... i'll probably start getting allot of email from you now and comments from the other communitys but hey i gotta get some kind of hit in the back of the head sometimes right? ... Thank you V for directing your statemement about my heart and not to my heart... i could be wrong? LOL. Ten more chapters huh, i cant wait for it to be done, i like my books signed by the author. Sorry to hear about these new members who just showed up in one fell swoop during this last summer, came in like a swarm of spammers and posted lol. I can remember getting at least 10 in one day from the same company, i think i wrote something about it in my forum, tisk tisk tisk you naughty members lol. Cant wait until Monday V please do keep us posted, sounds very exciting. The following day is of course you know Americas voting day so i will be gone for about 12 hours to delegate my county clerks and touch screen inspector, inspecting the voting process and perhaps drinking allot of coffee LOL, my 3rd time this year, one for the history books in the entire history of Voting and coincidently not a good crop of candidates to choose from this time, exiting times V :)  till next time! I'll be hiding lol. Much love V. God_bless you. Thomas
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Robert De Merode

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Re: Some advice and Please be considerate
10/31/2008 3:29:43 AM

Hello Venerina,

Hello Thomas,

You have just given me a great idea for where our friends can go to and indulge with their spamming hooks. On Tuesday this coming week go spam away the Democrat candidate, because maybe, just maybe someone might get a cent or two in return, you can never know with these guys what their true intentions are.

Oups! Sorry, I am getting political. As the saying goes; never indulge into a conversation in matters of politics, religion, or sex! (What’s left?) To say the truth, I do not engage in politics in any way, I have never belonged to any party, I never vote (spam). You know, I’m just a normal country….. Republican sort of guy.

See you around, and have fun presenting your thesis, (Is it not a spot too late for giving “them” new and fresh arguments Venerina?) Because as of Wednesday it will be back to normal, PM delete, PM delete, PM delete and that does not stand for Prime Minister! It stands for Private Messaging!

Friendly yours,


Jim Allen

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Re: Some advice and Please be considerate
10/31/2008 9:06:26 AM

Hello V,

I appreciate your thoughts and support the intent. 

However, if you don't want the PM's, simply stop receiving them. 

This is a business community and one of the reasons we have a large friends list is communication.  Your form of communication or reason for being here is different from my own and that is okay. 

But, once you realize that the person is a marketer Opt Out real simple and no one gets hurt feelings. 

But calling PM's (spam) which is also the notification system and grease, that allows ALP to be here to serve us all, they are selling ads right.  Just doesn't seem right to me.

Thanks and Peace


May Wisdom and the knowledge you gained go with you,

Jim Allen III
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Re: Some advice and Please be considerate
10/31/2008 9:08:24 AM
Hi Dr. V, thanks for keeping up with these very important topics. Your advice and forums helps a lot of people. I appreciate you touching with a 10-foot pole subjects that most of us would run from, especially on Halloween lol. Stephen
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