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Re :Can We Talk
7/8/2006 9:13:08 PM



I dont know if this will work but you might try to unsubscribe to your live chat

buy going into the chat room and asking to be taken out.

I noticed that everyone dosent have it and i thought i would investigate to see how some have it and some dont. you must of signed up for it so go back in and hit unsubscribe.


I hope this helps, or send an e-mail to Adlandpro adminstrators and have them take it off thats what they are there for.


Have a great evening

Sherry Jarrett


sherry jarrett
Jenny SJ

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Re :Can We Talk
7/9/2006 7:23:21 AM
Hi Mary Well, I guess I'll just have to climb down on this one! Your comment ----------------------------------------------------- Very good. I think people will get the idea that you are here to work not "chitty chat" if that is what a person wishes to do. If you keep the conversation going on "nonsense conversation" they will know that you are a willing participant. ------------------------------------------------------- Probably sums it up. I find it too slow on my computer to use anyway - so I'll just close it and hope that noone takes it personally. I'm not anti- social - just busy. Take care all Jenny

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