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Dave Cottrell

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Some Real STINKERS: 4-ECorp et al
6/17/2006 6:29:48 PM
Greetings, my friends, Everyone knows that fuel prices are at present and for the foreseeable future going through the roof, including some real entrepeneurs, and, unfortunately, the scammers. Dozens of potions, pills, gadgets and generally coloured swamp water are popping up that promise to increase mileage anywhere from 7% to who knows where. Beware! Many, if not most of these "companies" are real stinkers - scam and con artists taking advantage of what has become a real hardship for many people. Realize that you personally need to do your due diligence, and what I write here is only my own opinion (although I am not the only sounding the alarm.) Bio Performance's Unleaded Gas Pill was the first to fall (now shut down) and now 4-Ecorp is running into controversy. If it looks like a scam, smells like a scam, and is owned, operated and promoted by scammers... Read the email I just received from my upline in 4E (note: I joined but never upgraded, as it simply had a peculiarly evil aroma to it...) Note also that some of the same people are involved in this who are involved in the AATurboCharge SCAM program. If you're not familiar with Phil Piccolo A.K.A. "Johnny D'angelo" read more about them at or just go to , a real eye-opener. There are some legitimate companies out there who are marketing fuel saving products, but for goodness sake, check them out! Then, BEFORE you start marketing their products, TRY THEM YOURSELF! I am at present trying a product from one of these companies who has actually DELIVERED their product to me. I'm running it in a 1990 one-ton crewcab 4WD with a 454 engine, and will let everyone know the results I get when I've done enough testing. In the mean time, watch yourself! Don't join anything; more precisely, don't pay out ANY money, until you've done some serious digging into the company you want to be involved with. The advice of an overexcited friend is NOT acceptable due diligence. Regarding the latest information on ongoing investigations and allegations on all the so-called gas savers, go to for the latest details. God bless, Dave
Pat Lesaux

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Re: Some Real STINKERS: 4-ECorp et al
6/17/2006 7:21:33 PM
Hi Dave, I personnaly agree with you about the fuel savers, lots of them do not work. Thanks for keeping us informed.
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Thea Westra

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Re: Some Real STINKERS: 4-ECorp et al
6/17/2006 7:25:40 PM
Great information Dave. It also never ceases to amaze me at the people who want to save and can least afford to spend, buy nonsense items at K-Mart and Target or supermarkets. A budget and forward planning are perhaps better tools than spending on gadgets. Oops, must be getting tired if I'm putting gripes in my posts! :)
Bryan Mcheyzer

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Re: Some Real STINKERS: 4-ECorp et al
6/17/2006 7:41:09 PM
G'day Dave, It is a shame that so many scams appear on the internet and people incuding myself are so gullible. It is good advise to try the product first before going out and promoting it to friends and family. The other alternative is to join only after listening to advise from someone you trust. I know I have mentioned WOSAT to you before I think you need to have another look...there are some very trustworthy people who are doing an excellent job. Yes I am a members and yes we are promoting a fuel saver which actually works. Surprise!! surprise!! Go to and check us out. It cost nothing to join. Have a good one. Bryan
Re: Some Real STINKERS: 4-ECorp et al
6/17/2006 7:45:40 PM
Fortunately, There's NO PRICE HIKE or ILLEGAL FUEL SAVER program in Singapore! Anyway, transportation is so convenient here. Since Singapore is a small country, there's no point showing off big name cars and the speed limit here is too timid to comply with. Btw, I don't drive. But drive the cap driver around as and when I require with a touch of a button! ;)

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