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Re: Some Real STINKERS: 4-ECorp et al
6/19/2006 4:34:13 AM
Hello Dave Thank you for this valuable information. There is a lot we need to know before making decisions and this certainly proves it. It is a pity these terrible people cannot be put away before they do so much damage and hurt so many honest people and companies. I get very fired up when it comes to scams - been caught online and offline - terrible experience. I think there should be some sort of government department or private investigation department whose job it is solely to watch the internet ads for such scammers and nip them in the butt early. I didn't know that AATurbo was also a scam, thank goodness I didn't get involved, they market quite heavily. You are a wonderful friend for keeping us so well informed. Jadranka
Re: Some Real STINKERS: 4-ECorp et al
6/22/2006 8:16:44 PM
Dave, Great information! For those that are not familular with Good Old Phil, they need to check this site> While they are visiting this site, they may want to check on some of the other programs.
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Re: Some Real STINKERS: 4-ECorp et al
6/23/2006 4:29:03 AM
Hi James, What a great link! Thank you. It's a real eye-opener for many, I'm sure. God bless, Dave

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