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Re: How often do you blog?
9/20/2007 1:29:59 PM
Also, in each post find keywords in your article and make them links to your website/product being discussed.

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Re: How often do you blog?
9/21/2007 6:08:01 AM


Thanks for the advice and suggestions.

I will do just that and start writing articles for my blog!!

Have a great day,


Re: How often do you blog?
2/10/2008 10:34:21 AM
A successful blogger will update his site/lens with mechanical precision.Once you set the schedule for updating the contents, you must stick to it.This will ensure your readers that they can expect fresh content on your site.And this will help you in driving the traffic to your site. Of course it is ok in theory,but in practice it is rather difficult. This is what I have experienced. But a disciplined and a passionate blogger will stick to his schedule.

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