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Re: How often do you blog?
10/15/2006 10:45:07 AM

Hi Renee

If its a new site I blog every day for a week after that I blog about 2 or 3 times a week I will also post to places like myspace ect just a couple of times to get the search engines to find my new site I recently done this with one site the site was in a highly desirable key word phrase this week got to number 3 on google out of 25270,000,000 pages so good seo and bloging does does work


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Re: How often do you blog?
10/15/2006 1:38:58 PM
 I blog too much.. I have about 7 blogs.  All on different topics and stuff.  I also blog on myspace and yahoo.  I haven't blogged in MSN in awhile though. 

Now I'm in the world of podcasting.
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Re: How often do you blog?
3/8/2007 7:06:59 PM
I found my links to my sites all over the web, but most were from forums like this, where my url comes up alot. So I started my own community site, so others could build there businesses by getting their URL on more pages.

It's free if anyone is interested.. Articles, Link Directory, Forums, and free downloads to business programs.

Forums and Blogging really work, I saw it for myself.

I would like to know more about RSS feeds and Podcasting myself.

Lola V

Re: How often do you blog?
3/13/2007 3:44:21 PM

Hi Renee:

Here is a link to a blog by Darren Rowse, where he has a post entitled:

34 Reasons Readers Unsubscribe From Your Blog

Take note of the top 2 reasons people unsubscribe.


Re: How often do you blog?
4/20/2007 4:21:30 PM

I post a new blog about every other day, that way things are kept fresh, so to speak.

Network Webucation    is my blog, check it out when you get the opportunity, while there check out the link to the blog challenge, it gives fantastic advice on how best to get your blog up & running & also make it profitable.

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