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Re: Why is there no posts???
4/4/2006 5:16:44 PM
Hi Ana Maria, Thanks so much for posting, I agree there is nothing worse than people advertising in your forum,especially when they are not even on subject. Congrates on person of the week! Thanks Leanne Busby Post a free ad!
Re: Why is there no posts???
4/4/2006 5:19:15 PM
Hello Juile, On occasions I have deleted quite a bit, like coming back from holidays,it would take a month to clear it. Thanks for your post Leanne Busby Post a free ad!
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Re: Why is there no posts???
4/6/2006 2:12:28 AM
Hi Leanne, I have clicked the link to join a lot of forums. Some of the forum moderators or whatever the term is send emails when you can post something. In those cases I keep track of the forums. Other forum owners/moderators do not use email to let you know you can post. I cannot keep track of the ones that do not send an email notice. I do post on the ones I hear from. As others have said, I too read more than I post but try to make a comment at least occasionally. I also agree with those who complain that some people just post their ads, not any relevant comments. It is a fact that we get a lot of emails with offers, plus the emails letting us know someone replied to a thread (which I need to keep track of what is being posted) so it is quite time consuming to keep up with that and try to run a business. However, adlandpro is a great place and I have met lots of fine people. DonnaZ
Re: Why is there no posts???
4/6/2006 5:09:04 AM
Hi Donna, Thanks for your input, it seems we are all agreed on posting...I have noticed that there is a new feature 'Add to Favorites' ,I dont know if that's on the free version.But a handy thing to use. I too have around 100 emails a day,just makes you a little more choosey of where you post! Thanks Leanne Busby Join my Safelist

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