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Why is there no posts???
4/3/2006 6:54:11 AM
Hi Friends, Thought I'd write a new post on forums, here at adland. Did you know that you have to post at a forum to get any new threads. Clicking on the link that's emailed to you reading and deleting doesnt make you a member of that forum !! Do you post?? If the answer is 'NO' why not, do you think you will gain exposure just pushing your product or program and not getting to know who it is that your selling to! If you show a little interest in what other people are posting do you think you are more likely to gain their attention. Ahh...Yeah! For myself, I try and post at least as often as I can in my friends forums, even if it's just a "G'Day " Hows it going!! It's a good feeling know that someone has taken some time to notice your forum or post. I know I feel that way. I have 369 friends and very few are posting and also very few are making their own forums. I have a "Tips for Building your Business" Forum which only attracted 17 friends. If you dont know about it, it's here, this letter will be posted there as well. There are roughly 300 that haven't made or posted a forum on my list alone. That's a lot of people! Where are my friends???? ======================================================== I would like to know your opinion on these points *What can you do to get more people interested? *How do you attract them by your subject heading? *What do you look for in forums? *What do you hate about a forum? ======================================================== On the other-hand it's not all 'business', people come to Adlandpro Community for.We come here to conect to real people and real people dont just do business,we like to have fun. I also have a forum 'Great Jokes' with 66 threads that is a lot more popular with 111 friends who are members. This Forum has been one of the ways people have found me, it's another way to connect with my friends....and have some fun ________________________________________________ Other great forums that I visit are : Larry Andersons- Weird Facts Marilyn Ali-Welcome Wagon Marion Tucker-Sunday Smile Kathy Martin-Sunday Showcase And the latest interesting one is John Sanchez and LaNell-Paranormal Or Unusual Experiences! _______________________________________________ Here's a suggestion, if you want to cut some mail down.Dont tick the box "email me...." Save a notepad page to desktop and copy and paste any posts you wish to keep an eye on and check back later! Sorry it was a little long,look forward to your feedback! Thanks Leanne Busby
Re: Why is there no posts???
4/3/2006 7:06:22 AM
Hello sunshine, Just read your posting here. I will be honest and upfront with you. I really like Adland here,and there are some great people who I have met. Some who actually have seen the potential of Agel and what possibilities it produced and joined the Team. Time does not permit me to be here all the time. I work full time at the Hospital, part-time on my Agel fortune, have 3 teenagers who are involved in sports, so yea, I tend to get a bit busy! When I can I will be here, Have a fantastic day, Wanda
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Re: Why is there no posts???
4/3/2006 11:01:56 AM
Hello Again, Leanne! Why are there no posts? Frankly, I think it's all because of the New Text Messaging technology! People's hands are tied to that stuff! Hey, I really enjoy putting in my 2 cents of advice, encouraging or contratulations ever chance I get, even if it gets me in hot waters sometimes. Your Success Matters! - P>S> This Week's Topic at "Internet Marketing Reality - 10 Nitty-Gritty Ways To Increase Your Orders"
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Re: Why is there no posts???
4/3/2006 11:05:25 AM
sorry leanne I have been so busy I have not had time to even read any forums and it will be a while yet before I get amother chance to reply again but dont cont me out I just have a lot to get caught up on
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