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Welcome To The Feature Of The Week aka POTW! (36th Edition)
3/26/2006 7:50:30 PM
*************************************************************** *************************************************************** Greetings To Everyone At AdlandPro From John Sanchez and LaNell! It’s time again for my favorite project of the week and that is the Feature of The Week! It is my favorite project because you folks and the POTW’s of the week make it a very special event. We are all so fortunate to be a part of this community that is made up of so many friendly and talented people. Thank you so much for your support and for making this event so special. Love and Blessings to you all! John R. Sanchez The reason the Feature of the Week forum was created was to honor people who have a positive influence on this community. To qualify the person has to be an active member and one who contributes to the positive atmosphere here AdlandPro. Here are the criteria for selecting a member for the Feature of the Week (also referred to as the Person of the Week, POTW). This criterion can be seen at the site below: Criterion How Do I Get Selected as Person of the Week? To be chosen as Person of the week you: • Are highly visible on the community • Are always seen as respectful, professional, and helpful. • Must be nominated for the program by another member of the Community and voted on by other members. ****************************************************************** This week's POTW is from the USA and her name is Cheri Merz. Cheri is one of Adland's most active members, a top 25 poster. She is known in the community for her professional and polite manner. Cheri is one who likes to share her knowledge with others and who offers a helping hand when needed. Congratulations Cheri on winning the Person of the Week award! Enjoy your week in the bright lights of Adland! ****************************************************************** Here’s Cheri’s Bio: Hi, everyone! The first thing I have to say is that I never would have thought I’d be trying to write my life story for this purpose! It’s a great surprise and a thrill to be here, and I thank everyone who made it possible, from those who nominated and campaigned for me to those who voted for me. Thank you! And thank you, John, for making the opportunity available. I was born in Corpus Christi, TX, a very long time ago. Fortunately for you all, I’m not going to try to cover all those years. :-) Suffice it to say that my childhood was a lot like the old TV shows about the 50’s, sort of a cross between Leave It To Beaver and the Andy Griffith Show. Two significant facts from then have shaped my life. One, though we were poor I grew up knowing I was expected to go to college; and two, my Dad was very entrepreneurial as was his before him. Evidently I inherited that gene, though it didn’t manifest until later in my life. So I grew up, went to college and got a degree in English and immediately got married. In nine years of marriage, I gave birth to two sons, then divorced. I remarried not long after my divorce. With two small children and no job skills I didn’t see much choice. But it has worked out, much better than anyone could have expected given the circumstances! I've been married to my wonderful, supportive husband for 27 years. Together we had twin girls and he adopted my boys as soon as he could. We also have four grandsons between the ages of three and eleven. Offline, I’m a real estate broker with a small home-based practice. Readers of my forum will know that I’ve recently made arrangements to partner with a custom-home builder and a mortgage broker to expand my business considerably. I’m writing the business plan now, and look forward to getting started as soon as the attorneys stop playing ping-pong with the partnership agreement. But let me back up and try to tell you why this opportunity came about. Just a little over two years ago I was sitting at an open house with a mortgage broker who mentioned the name Robert Kiyosaki to me for the first time. A week later, I had read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and everything else he had published at the time, and had an epiphany. Mr. Kiyosaki must have been following me around as I grew up, listening to my parents tell me to go to college (done), get a good job (done-several times), work hard (oh, yeah) and retire comfortably on my savings. Wait--back up--what savings? I had NO savings, about $15,000 in consumer debt, had started my real estate business on credit cards, and there were rumors around my husband’s workplace that the company was going down. At the same time, a friend approached me about a network marketing company she wanted me to look at. I wasn’t looking for anything at the time, but she mentioned the possibility of a real estate commission for finding the company a new office, so I went to see. I was blown away by it, joined, and the rest, as they say, is history. It was the start of a wild but exhilarating ride! A by-product of reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad and joining Ascend was my realization that I had to change me in order to take advantage of the fantastic opportunity I saw in the pay plan. I realized that people don’t fail at network marketing because it’s not possible to succeed, but because they don’t know how to succeed. I had abundantly proven in many failed or disappointing ventures that I had to make a profound change or just go get a corporate job and hope for the best. To effect change, I immersed myself in success literature. I read probably 50 books in that first year, by Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield and more. Slowly I began to recognize a theme that ran through all these writings, and identified where my self-limiting beliefs were located. With the help of a workshop, I released some of those beliefs, which led to releasing more on my own. At this time, I can say I have completely embraced the principle that we create our own reality. I’m convinced that, armed with the information that is readily available, anyone can create a better reality than the one they are trying to improve when they start a business, whether it is offline, internet or network marketing. I’m seeing that happening in my businesses, both online and offline, every day. The last part of the story is the most exciting for me. In two short years, we’ve paid off the debt and put ourselves in a position to take advantage of almost any interesting opportunity that comes our way. And, I developed a passion to share what I had learned. So I created a website, Adland has been an integral part of all this for almost a year now. Fom business advice about networking online, to friendships I’ve developed, to meeting my mentor and web developer Linda Caroll, Adland has been the greatest! There are many other names I should mention, and would if this weren't already so long. I hope they will all forgive me! Thanks again, everyone! I look forward to the opportunity to meet more of you. Cheri ****************************************************************** Folks, it's time to thank Cheri for her contributions to the positive atmosphere here at AdlandPro. If she's not on your friends list be sure to invite her. Cheri, we're looking forward to seeing your picture on the front page of AdlandPro. Enjoy your week! :-) Love and blessings to all of you from, John Sanchez and LaNell *************************************************************** *************************************************************** My Blogs Goodwill Ambassador BioPerformance
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Re: Welcome To The Feature Of The Week aka POTW! (36th Edition)
3/26/2006 7:56:26 PM
Hello John, Congratulations Cheri, Have a wonderful week filled with honor. Warmest Regards,
Re: Welcome To The Feature Of The Week aka POTW! (36th Edition)
3/26/2006 8:00:53 PM
HI John, Thanks so much for the invite to this week's POTW forum. Another fine job with the forumas always! CONGRATULATIONS CHERI! I am so happy for you that you have won this honor this week. I have read your bio and you did a great job with learning about how to become a success, and you did it! I definitely think you deserve this honor! I hope you enjoy your week in the Spotlight! Take care and God Bless, Marilyn
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Re: Welcome To The Feature Of The Week aka POTW! (36th Edition)
3/26/2006 8:10:19 PM
Hello John & LaNell, Congratulation's Cheri ! A very interesting bio, and I am happy everything has worked out for the best. Enjoy your week of POTW, I am honored to have you as a friend, and you so much deserve this honor. respectfully,
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Re: Welcome To The Feature Of The Week aka POTW! (36th Edition)
3/26/2006 8:10:58 PM
Congratulations Cheri!!!!! Have a wonderful time in the spotlight. You deserve it. Much More Success, Karen
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