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Re: Poetry!
5/15/2006 10:59:23 AM
My Prayer Dear God Almighty Jehovah, Even before I voice my prayer, you have read my heart. And know what's lying there. I'm in awe at how you can know, what I'm about to say. For I haven't even gathered my thoughts, before I start to pray. The highest on high is where you are, listening to the likes of me! How greatful I am, that you're my God! and your son Jesus is my King. And even though you know, what lays heavy on my mind. You allow me to approach you. And you listen when I cry. My heart is heavy with appreciation, for just another day. I pray, you bless me with another, for what else, should I pray? In Jesus name, I pray Ray Allen O'Neal Copyright ©2006 Ray Allen O'Neal

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