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Roger Macdivitt .

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2/8/2008 3:12:58 PM

Ski runs, Hot springs,

All sounds good to me.


2/11/2008 6:25:18 AM
Hi Ani (Hope you do not mind me calling you that)

You are a breath of fresh air to me that reminds me of the great times that I spent in Ro.
I first went there in Early 1992, although I had been helping in the UK from 1991.
Our first friend was a guy that worked at the Hospital an anaesthetist, I sadly forget his name but you may know him - I think that it was Uri Salagi (Probably the wrong spelling) he guided us to the sanatorium at 'Baile Felix' where my group worked with another group for our first two trips in 1992, we also went to a huge orphanage in Oradea as well as the hospital.

In 1993 I formed my own charity to help a girls orphanage in Criaova and then on the Alba Iulia to another orphanage.

At that time I decided that it would more suit our abilities to work out in the villages on rebuilding which we did a lot of work around the Ighiu area on dispensaries and schools.

We built a social canteen in Alba Iulia and started a welfare centre, this was in partnership with the Mayor and social services.

We also worked up the mountains at a small village named Garda near a ski lift, the scenery was absolutely stunningly beautiful.

As I said before, I absolutely love Romania, the people are wonderful and just cannot give you enough.
I remember one time when we were working in Ighiu dispensary plus the school plus Ighiel school, towards midday four of my workers informed me that we were invited to dinner by a local, the only problem was that they all had different venues - As you know, it would have been an insult to refuse as they all had children at the schools plus they were overjoyed as we had just installed a dentistry with a good supply of anaesthetic and we had to attend all - We could not walk at the end of the day, we then decided that there was indeed a need for a social calendar.
We had a great laugh with them at the end of the work when we took them out to dinner and were able to admit the mess-up that we had with invitations.

Your language, WELL, I have tried and tried to learn Romanian, but I have had quite a few mishaps (I think that you might understand this one and I hope that it will not embarrass you too much as it did me - In the building trade we quite often used to work on the old measurements which are in FEET (which can also be said as FOOT) and INCHES, so:
We were digging wells and septic tanks and I was instructing our Romanian workers on exactly what I wanted and I was saying the following:
"I want the well 60 Foot deep by 4 Foot wide"
"I want a trench dug to 3 Foot deep and 20 Foot long"
Need I go on?
The Romanian guys were laughing so much and it took the lady doctor there to explain why.
Needless to say, I was so embarrassed and still I am reminded to this day.

I hope that you understand this, but I am not sure whether you can tell the others.

Love and kisses to you

From Tony x
Ana Maria Padurean

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2/11/2008 7:42:54 AM
Hello Tony :-)

It is really a pleasure to meet you! ... thank you for the very interesting story and for all the help you give to us! Helping orphans need a lot of heart and dedication!

Never mind about your miss spelling or anything like this; I'm sure I do some mistakes of the same category often! These are the "risks" when adventuring on the field of a foreign language :-)

I can see how you felt about the FEET and INCHES and so! As we are used with the metric system we need the algorithm to change one to another, but most people living in the countryside and having NONE to deal with, I'm sure they were a bit confused! LOL

I hope you'll have some other chance to come to Romania and to Oradea, and to get know each other personally!

Here is a wonderful "Social Smile" for you!

- click the pic! -

I'm sure this is something that makes you so very happy!

With lots of friendship,
Ani :-)
2/11/2008 10:36:50 AM
Hi Ani,
Thank you for that the song was so nice. and it is such a joy to see a happy face on a child.
It really was my pleasure to be able to help in Ro.
it was such a hard task in our beginning there to put any kind of expression on an orphanage child's face let alone a smile.

It was so hard for us as we could only spend two weeks at a time there and when we left, the children were so traumatised it made us extremely sad on our return and very inspirational for us to find the funds and equipment for the next trip.

We always went by road in those days 1500km each way,  great going as we were all looking forward to it, but so hard on the way home.

I spent a bit of time in Bucharest as well, but I soon got back to the villages.

My friendship is offered in return and who knows, one day we might meet.

Very much look forward to that.
My very best to you from Tony.
Ana Maria Padurean

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2/11/2008 12:02:03 PM

Tony :-)

The only thing I can say is:


I know so well what are you talking about; the communist regime and mainly ours (at least this is the one I know) which was so much build upon the excellency of their everything, that they couldn't accept there are children which are not perfect?! - communism couldn't have anything like that, or kids without a father or who know what anomalies, kids torn apart their mothers and many, many things we even couldn't think of! they were so well kept secret, even living here we knew nothing! The personal who worked with them was trained to treat them heartless and hush! In fact I think they were even recruited to fit the mission!
The other day I had the opportunity to watch on TV (as I don't watch too much TV) a mother so happy to meet her boy who was taken and kept in the orphanage, because she wasn't married and didn't wanted to marry the father (who raped her) and she was considered to be an unfit mother and she was even put to talk about it on a TV program that was dedicated to criminals/outlaws!!!!!

Even after 19 years we still discover unknown and un thought things!

Thanks to people like you the changes around here had another speed to say so!

A piece of you and your heart will always be here through the smiles of kids you helped!


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