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4/27/2018 6:51:08 PM

"10 BENEFITS of Drinking Warm Lemon-Water

Serves to:

  • Decrease low-thickness lipoprotein (LDL) or “bad” cholesterol
  • Cut through and decrease mucus blocking the lungs and sinuses, or mucus communicated remotely as discharge (ex. skin inflammation, bubbles, shingles)
  • Cut through (fat) and cellulite tissue to support weight reduction, particularly when taken first thing in the morning before breakfast
  • Decrease “fatty” liver
  • Astringe body liquid to help anticipate unusual liquid release (ex. night sweats, unconstrained daytime sweats, original spillage, pee incontinence, bedwetting) -- this is taking into account more than 4000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine in which every flavor in nourishment is comprehended to have a restorative reason, and “sour” flavored food is utilized as a part of home grown solution to help astringe undesirable spillage of body liquids
  • Maintain teeth and mouth wellbeing
  • Reduce sweet, baked goods and gluten cravings (which all reason acidic situations in the body)
  • Detoxify and alkalize acidic conditions seen in numerous sick people today (ex. rheumatoid joint inflammation, osteoarthritis, degenerative joint pain, malignancy, osteoporosis, corpulence, gout, diabetes sort II, multiple sclerosis, digestive issue, digestive disorders, allergies, chronic fatigue)
  • Nourish and unwind tight sash tissue – ligaments, tendons and connective tissue
  • Maintain gleaming, saturated solid skin and boost immunity
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4/9/2019 4:32:20 PM
Almost a year ago, after reading several books on the subject, I went on the KETO diet where I learned about canola oil and vegetable oils and the harm they can cause. After several months of using pure butter and bacon grease and eating fatty meats and etc, my yearly blood work was perfect. Good and bad cholesterol were within the normal limits.
I still haven't reached my weight loss goal but I've lost inches and dropped three pant sizes. Not only that but my numerous allergies are almost nonexistent according to allergy testing blood work except for a slight sensitivity to egg whites.

It's been over 50 years since since the food triangle was changed so I know it is hard for people to accept that a diet high in fat is good for you. Again as always do your research.

I learned a lot by joining a FB group called Reversing Diabetes. I've never been diabetic but it runs in my mom's family and my BS tended to run to the high side and so I wanted to take every precaution necessary.
One of the main things I've learned is to READ LABELS!!! You will be shocked to see what has added sugar.
There was a guy on one of our local news stations who lost 76 lbs just by cutting sugar out of his diet.
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5/5/2019 3:17:48 AM
Ibogaine is a psychedelic with dissociative properties, used by proponents of psychedelic therapy to treat addiction to methadon, heroin, ethanol, cocaine, methamphetamine, anabolic steroids, and other drugs. Ibogaine is also used to treat depression and post traumatic stress disorder.
we are having an outdoor patient treatment that works perfectly with clients that are bread winners and cannot stay off work for treatment ..with our new out door treatment you can take treatment and still go on with your normal day to day activities ..
what do you think about ibogaine
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