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Re: 12daily and Stormpay!!
5/27/2006 5:35:54 PM
Hi Shannon, My name is Bobby Howard and I was going through the forums and saw 12daily. I'm afraid you will have to blame me for the demise of 12daily. Everything was ok until I decided to invest a larger amount and then it went down, down, down. Storm pay had about $150 of my money and I ask for it and they sent it back to 12daily, but I know everyone has there own story with them. I just gave up. What finally happened except they went out business. Bobby Howard
Re: 12daily and Stormpay!!
5/28/2006 8:00:25 AM
Dear Bobby, Considering some people had $6,000 in there at all times, I don't think you brought 12 Daily down. Arthur Webster described what might have happened, and I think he is probably spot on. You can read about that here: Scroll down to the Saturday, March 04 post. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people out there who prey on the financially naive. I hope everyone learned a valuable lesson from all of this. I know I did. Take Care,
Shannon Bolin
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