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2/3/2006 6:41:56 PM
Hello Everyone. In light of what has been happening, I thought that the topic of this week's Personal & Home Security Tips, was strangely appropriate. It is just, a total coincedence that this 'Tip' happened to be this week. --------------------------------------------- HOW NOT TO GET CONNED The con artist's philosphy is 'the gullible were put on this earth to be gulled'. In the past, con artist's were usually referred to as 'conmen'. This is no longer tha case, as more and more women have become involved in con games and variations of con games. Before we proceed with some tips on 'How not to get conned' you should always remember that a con artist could be a male or a female. In additition, many times the con artist will work with a child who will assist them in accomplishing their goal. That goal is to GET YOUR MONEY. Here are some good rules to follow at all times - whether or not you suspect fraud. 1, Don't belive in something for nothing offers. You get what you pay for. 2, Be suspicious of high-pressure sales efforts. 3, Take your time, think about it befoore you part with your money. 4, Get all agreements in writing. Insist that agreements be in plain English and not legalese. 5, Read all contracts and agreements before signing. Have a lawyer examine all major contracts. 6, Beware of anyone who comes to your door asking for money for a charity or for personal reasons. HOME IMPROVEMENT FRAUD. Home repairs and improvement can be costly. Watch out if; 1, Somebody offers to do an expensive job for an unusually low price. 2, If a firm offers to make a 'free' inspection, or if the person just happened to be in the neighbourhood. 3, The most popular home improvement frauds are roof repairs and painting, driveway sealing and termite inspection. To avoid home improvement and repair fraud, try the following; 1, Always get several estimates for a repair job, and compare prices and terms. Check to see if there is a charge for 'estimates'. 2, Ask your friends for recommendations. Alternatively, ask the firm for references - and CHECK THEM! 3, Check the identification of all 'inspectors'. 4, Call the loan Consumers Affairs Offices or the Better Business Bureau to check the company's reputation, BEFORE you authorize any work. 5, Be suspicious of high-pressure sales tactice. 6, Pay by check - NEVER WITH CASH! Arrange to amke the payment in installments. I hope that these tips will save you from costly frauds and Con Artists. For more information on Personel and Home Security, please visit our safety store at. We have the products and information to keep your family and yourselves safe. Your Security Friend in Las Vegas.
Leon Horton

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2/3/2006 7:02:58 PM
Anthony, Yes, it is quite coincidental based on the events of this week. I'm not so sure that the StormPay issues are a con though. If everyone has been tuned in the last few months, the Feds are cracking down on those who allow the illegal activities to perpetuate. StormPay is just warding off the onslaught of an investigation by the Feds. A year ago, PayPal stopped allowing autosurf programs... can you see that maybe they were aware of the problem with autosurf programs? StormPay is just placing the onus on the programs and making them step up and take ownership for their activities. JMHO Peace, Leon
2/3/2006 7:05:58 PM
Dear Anthony, Very good advice, and some things I didn't know. I wish my mother-in-law had known these last summer. I believe she fell for a con when she got her driveway paved--oh, she has asphalt, and great big patches of grass growing through it within a few weeks of completion! Thank you, Anthony. Sincerely,
Shannon Bolin
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2/3/2006 7:11:08 PM
Hi Leon. I'm staying neutral on the whole StormPay/Paid-auto surfs/HYIP's thing until everything gets a bit clearer. The tips today are more for Personal & Home Security as in ways to stop getting conned, not on the Internet, but I suppose you could use some of them in this light too! Thanks for your comments Leon. Your Security Friend in Las Vegas.
2/3/2006 7:16:03 PM
Shannon. Sorry to hear about your ma-in-laws unin with con men. I was involved in our family business as a youth in building drive ways and repairing drive ways. If the job is completed as it should be, you will not get grass or weeds appearing in 5 years (as per our family guarantee). It is actually a lot longer depending on traffic. If grass was growing through in weeks, then, the conmen put a 'skim coat' as it is known over your mom-in-laws driveway, which is normally put on sidewalks, where there is only light foot traffic...... Your Security Friend in Las Vegas.

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