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RE: A list of Symptoms for toxic mold
6/28/2011 5:40:58 PM
Hi Myrna.. This is probably good information about plastics but insurance companies and the medical community are using this type of information to cloud the issue of mold related illness. They are claiming that the symptoms could be caused by any number of things and there is no way to prove mold causes any illness. There is solid research on this and there are tests that conclusively that mold was the cause of illness but these tests and the research are being ignored by corporations who face the liability for mold damages. Court cases are based on accepted medical practice instead of the actual research ,,making mold cases nearly impossible to win.. In the mean time,, thousands of people will lose their homes,, their jobs and their health and in some cases even their hope while this misinformation abounds. I am going to start posting some personal stories about how people are being treated by the medical community regarding mold illness. You will immediately recognize the ignorance and the corruption involved in trying to get a diagnosis for mold illness. It really is a national disgrace.
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RE: A list of Symptoms for toxic mold
6/28/2011 5:46:08 PM
Here is just one example of how people are treated by Dr's when they try to get diagnosed and treated for mold related illnesses. I will post more of these stories too.. I am hoping t5o draw some attention to this problem and real life stories , I think , are the best way to do that.

Brenda Hinck Harper
My experience has been that if your condition does not fit nicely in a box on most doctor's billing form. They tend to put you under "other" i. e. Crazy, Lazy, or Liar. There are a few amazing Doctor's who understand environmental issues, who actually listen to the patient and partner with you to find solutions. Lesson learned: If the doctor doesn't get it, don't waste time trying to figure it out. Reading medical records was eye opening. But to my face, I had one doctor just out and out tell me she didn't believe me. Another told me he found that women who grew up in a certain religion of which were a large percent of the population in that geographic area, tended to have these problems. Never mind that I had not been involved in the faith for well over 15 years. I told him that everyone who ate carrots in 1700 was now dead, but I was positive the carrots had anything to do with their deaths:) I also had one suggest that the very fact that I didn't just accept feeling so bad and that I insisted on continuing to look for solutions and different doctor's suggested I had a mental problem.
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Jim Allen

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RE: A list of Symptoms for toxic mold
6/28/2011 6:24:27 PM
Hello Bill,

I hope my experience as someone who often profited from the existence of mold, helps. I thought I would interject a bit of personal experience with the terrible doctors.

While working as a Preventative Maintenance Technician for many HVAC companies throughout the southeast United States. On many occasions ran into mold issues. I found through visual inspections and a Mold Test that there was the potential for health hazards. I consulted with the homeowner the findings and the recommended solutions to the contamination. It is a contamination and needs to be removed, no questions asked.

Especially from central air systems even small window units too. At this point is is the homeowners choice to cure or live with it, which can be hazardous to health. Especially folks with respiratory issues to begin with. Children with allergies are usually the way to know for sure that mold contamination is potentially the culprit.

In many instances when upon discussion and questioning of the homeowners you find there are unexplained sniffles and other tell tale signs. Often we would learn of multiple visits to doctors for the same symptoms over and over again. In these cases I would seek permission to speak to their doctor who in 95% of the occasions I personally explained to the doctor the results of my mold tests they always asked to speak to the patients parent and I then scheduled the removal of the contamination. In the few instances this did not happen money was the issue, not the doctors.

Mold contamination is not something to take lightly so if you are contaminated, clean it up professionally or leave the home.

May Wisdom and the knowledge you gained go with you,

Jim Allen III
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RE: A list of Symptoms for toxic mold
6/29/2011 3:11:15 AM
Hi Jim.. How have you been.. It has been a long time.. You are absolutely right about taking care of mold problems as soon as possible. Air conditioners are particularly bad because by their very nature,, they distribute to spores throughout the entire building. A study by The Mayo Clinic found that 95 % of all sinus infections are caused from old and most people have no idea.. And the sniffles is the least of your problems if your home is infested. There are about 30 species of mold that are known to produce mycotoxins and these can be deadly. Hey,, Thanks for stopping by Jim. I hope to see you again soon.
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RE: A list of Symptoms for toxic mold
6/29/2011 3:20:54 AM
Here is another story from someone who has experienced the horrors of mold illness. Many of us go for years trying to find out what is wrong with us and some of us never do find out. So much needless suffering and so few doing anything about it. It really is a shame.
Raquel Burgesson
Me too one neurologist told me I am one who is introspective and complain about ordinary ahes and pains that the average person doesn't pay attention to. Well go figure that...if he was having pains, hooting pains in his head, awful delibilating headaches, and all the other neurological sysmptoms I have he would think something is wong too> A truly slap in the face. Another dosctor told me I needt o go a cruise and take a vaction in the Islands and take up yoga..and another doctor at a major hostipat in Boston, told me it is just not possible for mold to cause these things.. and walked away from me liek I was talkign rubbish and crazy. I sure felt like I was then to get that sort of reaction from a prestigious doctor who is well respected, but that gnawing feeling in me wouldn't stop and I persued my search and maybe five years later diasgnosed with spinal menigitus and nearly died, found out it was mold casing these problems. But check this out...after probably my 8 mri they were telling me the vessels in my brain were abnormal and it could be an aneuresym or brain tumor (have 3 lesions on brain). GUESSWORK ONCE AGAIN...and I would possibly have to have brain surgery- AS I REFUSED TO TO BECAUSE I KNEW THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT...AND SINCE I KNEW THIS..I prayed (wasn't a christian then) and ASKED GOD TO REVEAL WHAT WAS MAKING ME SOOO ILL AND WHAT WAS GOING ON AS I WAS TERRIFIED THERE WAS A POSSIBILITY THEY HAD TO CUT OPEN MY BRAIN. I CRIED OUT TO GOD IN MY MOM'S ARMS AND TURNED ON A CHRISTIAN CHANNEL..AND LOW AND BEHOLD THEY WERE DISCUSSING MOLD AND BRAIN LESIONS (HEALTH PROGRAM) AND THE ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS MOLD CAN HAVE ON ONE'S HEALTH...THEY LISTED SYMPTOMS AND MENTIONED BRAIN LESIONS..( I WONDER IF THEY STILLL HAVE THAT FOOTAGE). THIS BLEW MY MIND AND I KNEW AT THAT POINT GOD WAS REVEALING TO ME WHAT WAS THE CAUSE OF ME BEING ILL ONCE AND FOR ALL..IT IS NO SUPRISE THAT AFTER I GOT MY HOUSE TESTED AND SO BE IT....MANY STRAINS OF MOLD (OVER A MILLION SPORES IN FURNITURE, CARPET, BED, ETC...AND THE REST IS HISTORY. SO PEOPLE WE DO HAVE GOD ON OUR SIDE....AT THE RIGHT TIME AND OPPORTUNE TIME HE WILL REVEAL SUCH WITH OUR EFFORTS AND DILGENT HARD WORK...

May a smile follow you to sleep each night and,,,,,be there waiting,,,,,when you awaken Sincerely, Billdaddy

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