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Patricia Bartch

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RE: Best Forum Award -May-2010 !!!!!!! Come Celebrate with Us !
6/3/2010 7:17:10 AM

what a great celebration!!!!!

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Luis Miguel Goitizolo

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RE: Best Forum Award -May-2010 !!!!!!! Come Celebrate with Us !
6/5/2010 1:39:26 AM
Dear Pauline, friends and visitors,

I would like to invite all of you to my forum if only to have the pleasure to welcome you there.

In fact, "Great Art of the World" may have won the prestigious Best Forum Award this month, but a few more visitors than it usually gets would just be great at any time... and especially now.

I am presenting below the latest three great featured masters' threads so that you can go directly to any of them.

Jan Vermeer - A Girl with a Pearl Earring (1665-67)

Hieronymus Bosch - The Garden of Earthy Delights (no date known)

Akiane Kramarik - Creation

As you see, I have included Akiane Kramarik, the child prodigy of our time. While she cannot be counted among the world's greatest masters proper, she indeed is as inspired and genial an artist as the other two were in their own times. And indeed, she has been perhaps the most endearing artist that I have ever featured in my forum.

Don't miss out please!


Luis Miguel Goitizolo

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RE: Best Forum Award -May-2010 !!!!!!! Come Celebrate with Us !
6/5/2010 8:33:15 PM

Thank you for the invite, Luis Miguel. It is indeed a wonderful place to visit. I was doing a short tour this morning but did not post, I was just too overwhelmed and afraid I would be able to put my thoughts into words.

All of them are more than just great, they are/were very gifted. This young lady is so truly inspired of God. I got caught up watching the video again.

Friends, if you have missed this, it would be worth your time, especially now that our ocean is being polluted and we need a break to see some beauty.

Thank you again friend,


Cheryl Baxter

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RE: Best Forum Award -May-2010 !!!!!!! Come Celebrate with Us !
6/19/2010 4:38:33 AM
Hi Luis Miguel,

Sorry, hopefully better late than never....

Your art forums are exquisite, anytime!

My favorite picture.....

I love them all...but I think Akiane's imagery is superb & very unique. I love her art work, and thank you for sharing it. You've shown that the different artists and techniques employed can be can be so different, yet stimulating, imaginative & powerful, no matter which century they are from. The beauty of art is its timeless nature, we just need to sip it through a straw and take it into our soul. It's something that can feed us in times of famine. Do you know what I mean? I have been fed at your forum.

thank you,
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