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You Are Not Here
2/10/2010 9:56:12 PM

I hear the sound of your voice

My heart begins to pound

But you are not here

I am aware of your touch

You tender embrace

But you are not here

The taste of your lips

Is upon my tongue

But you are not here

I feel the passion

Of this love

But you are not here

I am but a spirit

Trapped in an enigma

But you are not here

Without sorrow or regret

I enter your life

But you are not here

© 2007 Johnny Gregory

By My Side
2/10/2010 9:59:20 PM

How often I feel you by my side

When alone so deep in thought

Your hand I tightly clasp in mine

As aimlessly we walk and talk

Overwhelmed we both are

With each others presence

When nothing else exists

How I wish life would change

And my dreams come true

And instead of this hazy mist

I could really be with you

Camelia by Day
2/10/2010 10:00:51 PM

Camelia by Day

Her adornment only Light will reveal

Her beauty for all to see

Before the first glimmer came

She waited for her lovers.

Rays of the early morning sun

Reach out spreading light and warmth

Chasing away the chills of the night

Illuminating the cloudless sky above.

Beams of gold caress her limbs

Stretched high and wide in praise

Glorifying the birth of another day

Laden with diamond sprinkled leaves

Sparkling jewels of shimmering colour

Gifts from the pre-dawn God.

A myriad of rainbows brought to life

By the light of the brightening sun

A bouquet of blooms she holds aloft

Glorious heads of pink and gold.

Sensually she sways to the music of Wind

As he breathes his gentle song

A song of love only she can hear.

He whispers her name over and again

Camellia, Camellia, Oh Camellia.

©2000 Johnny Gregory

Camellia by Night
2/10/2010 10:02:13 PM

Camellia by Night

Gathering dark is her intangible garment

Vaporous shadows conceal her beauty.

Alone, unmoving she patiently waits

Her lovely form a silhouette

Against the deepening blue and hint of gold

The glow of late evening sky.

Around her head a sprinkle of stars

A halo of sparkling silver.

She trembles with anticipation

As she hears his gentle whisper.

No longer is she alone.

His song of love thrills her

She begins her ritual dance.

Slow, sensuous movements

Swaying to the rhythm of his music

She whispers a song of her own.

Seductive words of love and pleasure

Arousing her lover to be bold.

Tempo changes from tender love

Restless passion begins to climb.

Her whispered song becomes a plea.

She abandons herself to his will

Her euphoric cries urge him on

His song becomes a howl.

Inhibitions shamelessly cast aside

The frenzied dance arrives at its peak

Their thrashing uncontrolled.

Suddenly they are calm once more

Wind whispers his gentle song.

Her bouquet scattered around her feet

Forgotten in her impetuosity.

He whispers her name,

Camellia, Camellia, Oh Camellia.

©2000 Johnny Gregory

Close Your Eyes
2/10/2010 10:03:27 PM

Close your eyes

And feel my presence

Close your eyes

And whisper to me

Close your eyes

And I will answer

Close your eyes

When you are happy

Close your eyes

And hear me chuckle

Close your eyes

When you are sad

Close your eyes

I will comfort you

Close your eyes

When you need me

Close your eyes

And I will be there

Close your eyes

I am in the wind

Close your eyes

I am in the storm

Close your eyes

I am with you always

© 2001 Johnny Gregory


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