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RE: Dream Love
2/11/2010 12:52:38 AM

Johnny, this is great to have all your poems in one thread. You really are talented and they are wonderful to read. I am happy you have had some responses.


RE: Dream Love
2/11/2010 1:16:29 AM
Thank you so much, Sara. Thank you also for the help you have given me.
Dream Woman
2/12/2010 1:07:00 AM

Dream Woman

Her dreams she gave for me to keep

Her love and desire so very deep

She opened her heart for me to see

The special love she had for me

For me alone this wonderful gift

She knew my spirit would surely lift

As she told me all the things

That our love joy to her brings

My heart became a raging fire

Filled with much burning desire

Passions strained to be free

My deep love I want her to see

My own dreams to her I revealed

Then I knew my fate was sealed

This Angel of love was for me

Mine I was sure she would be

Sharing dreams of love and passion

Our souls became just as one

No beauteous thing was ever spared

In these dreams we both shared

She is mine within my heart

For we are never ever apart

By my side she is there

Showing me her loving care

She is in the wind and rain

Bringing joy time and again

In the trees her whisper I hear

Letting me know she is near

As I walk upon the beach

For my hand I feel her reach

Her gentle laughter in the song

Of the surf as I walk along

In the breeze her caress lingers

How delightful her gentle fingers

The warmth of her love is in the sun

This woman of mine, my beloved one

© 2001 Johnny Gregory

2/13/2010 4:05:49 AM

Drink, my son, the nectar of her lips,

Taste the sweetness of her love.

Intoxicate yourself with sips,

Of this wine sent from above

Drink the seal of a covenant made,

With this woman and her heart.

Break not the rules that she has laid,

Less forever her love depart.

Morning Thoughts
2/13/2010 12:46:34 PM

Each morning when I awake

I see your lovely face

Thoughts tumble through my mind

My heart begins to race

From the first day we met

My racing heart you captured

Every moment since that day

My soul you have enraptured

The curve of your smiling lips

Was surely made for kissing

Only since we fell so in love

I knew what I’d been missing

The lure of your lovely eyes

Smoldering with desire

Promising pure delight

And sets my soul on fire

The husky sound of your voice

Sends my mind reeling

When you whisper, “I love you”

With such tender feeling

My love for you is so deep

Its depth I could never show

Through eternity it will last

I just hope that this you know

© 2007 Johnny Gregory


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