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Aphrodites Milk
2/10/2010 9:40:58 PM

Aphrodite’s Milk

Taste the sweetness

Of Aphrodite’s milk

It flows down the throat

Like the smoothest silk

Spreads through your being

Touching, stimulating every part

No man’s organ can resist

As it seeps into his very heart

Turning his thoughts to those of love

Of lust and pleasure of every kind

Irresistibly taking control

Of his defenseless mind

© 2004 Johnny Gregory

A Fantasy Shared
2/10/2010 9:44:05 PM

As I turn my head to my right

I feel your breath caress my shoulder

What I see causes me to wonder

What does the night before us hold?

I sense you watching from the corner of your eye

As my lips brush across your silken shoulder

And I hear the hint of a half-formed sigh

Emboldened I draw closer to you.

What are your thoughts?

What is in your mind?

How much dare I tell you?

How can I start to explain

The feelings your touch stirs in my heart?

A moments pause as I inhale the scent of your skin

Exciting me through and through.

The curve of your lips makes my heart fail

A kiss and I find I must calm what is within me.

A kiss so gentle that it excites me more

Sending thoughts and fantasies through my mind

Down a path that I never before have been invited.

A journey with someone touching my feeling.

There is something more than need in your sighs.

As you gently pull away from my side

You look into my eyes, searching for my soul

To see where in my heart you will abide.

In your own eyes I see softness and calm

Looking deeper I see eternity.

You unbind my last hesitant moment

And release me to simply be free.

I watch the candlelight dance across your body

The night air quivering through your hair.

I see a little hint of modesty

As you become aware of how far we have gone

And how much more we have to share.

Your eyes, your hands, your hushed voice

The wonder hidden in your palpable touch

The softness of your laugh tells me I have no choice

To know that no one else loves me as you do.

Dreaming, surrendering, seeking only pleasures

Treasuring each moment and sensation.

As the rhythm we set grows faster

My breath, my heartbeat will surely perish

The widening of your eyes, that little gasp

Is it delight or desire?

Whatever it is, what follows is the purest gold

As inhibitions are tossed aside

Every touch matched with fire

Exploring and being explored

With lips and bold hands.

I dare to do what I would not before

Because I must, I have to know

If where you are leading me I can take you.

Passion unleashed at last impossible to slow or stop

As each sensation leads to something new

Until there is no me, or you but only us

As hearts and self become for an infinity bare.

Flowing from one to the other, back and forth

Is the realisation that forever it is one soul we share.

©2000 Johnny Gregory

Awesome Beauty
2/10/2010 9:45:57 PM

Awesome Beauty

My eyes take in your awesome beauty

Your loveliness you cannot hide.

I love the graceful way you move

The sway of your hips as you walk.

Your head held so proud and high

Your hair ruffled by the breeze

The wonder of your lovely breasts

The comfort they can bring.

The smile on your so soft lips

The smouldering in your eyes

The sound of your gentle laughter

Brings smiles to my face.

I love the softness of your hand

As you caress my cheek

Your gentle fingers as they touch

My lips for them to kiss.

Your beauty goes beyond all these

For I have seen your soul

Where your finest beauty is

The you I love so much

© 2000 Johnny Gregory

2/10/2010 9:49:21 PM


I am thinking of you so far away

With love my thoughts are filled

So much I need you today

A yearning I want fulfilled

When did I first realise

That I was so in love?

For you are such a precious prize

A gift from God above

I try to think of that moment

When you took my heart

When I knew that we were meant

Never to be apart

I cannot think just when it was

I no longer would be the same

Completely changed now because

My roving heart you did tame

I cannot bear to be away

From your loving ways

By your side I want to stay

All my remaining days

© 2001 Johnny Gregory

Beneath the Willow
2/10/2010 9:52:10 PM

Beneath the Willow.

Look up at the sky on this summers eve

So brightly lit by the moon so full.

Listen to the gentle breeze

As it tells the secrets it has heard.

It tells of a willow by a stream

With branches trailing down

Beneath these branches at its roots

Upon a blanket spread.

Two souls share their love

Away from prying eyes.

Listen as the breeze relates

The love the willow saw.

The meeting of lips

The breathless gasps

Embracing arms, entwining legs

Pants and sighs it hears.

The branches shake, leaves tremble

As thunderous climax reached

Calmness follows, the air is filled

With love that flows so free.

The willow smiles and tells the breeze

To spread it far and wide

That love was made

On this summers eve

Beneath the bright moonlight.

Ó2000 Johnny Gregory


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