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Pauline Raina

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9/26/2010 5:14:18 PM

Since everyone at the help desk seems to be out for a long, long lunch break, guess I'll be movin' on. There are other ways I can suggest to build their friends list.

Dear Mary,

Please do continue posting your tips here for the benefit of the 167 members of this thread, I am sure one or the other will benefit from what you contribute here.

Life does seem to get in the way often and we cannot do all we would like to do on a regular do please continue to do what you do best... :) I personally appreciate all that you are trying to do for us all in the community.

Happy Sunday to you


Mary Hofstetter

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9/26/2010 6:13:05 PM

I am giving a tip of the day to help people to do searches to find friends. One way I was going to suggest and now am grateful I didn't is the box on the right which says recent members. Sometimes the box has up coming birthdays.

I recognised a photo and thought to myself, "that is not a new person." I clicked on the profile to discover that they have not been here for a year and a half. To suggest to new people that they open "Recent Members" to find new friends would be misleading and discouaging to new people.

What is the criteria for "Recent Members". To me it would mean current, active and fairly new.

When a child I was taught, "Let your yes, be yes and your no be no". In marketing I was told to use keywords correctly so that people searching that keyword will be referred to pages that will speak to that subject. Therefore it does not seem wise to send new people to a misrepresenation . They are frustrated enough finding their way around here.

Does "recent members "mean the same thing to all English speaking people? Joined 3 years ago but hasn't 'logged in' for the past year, does that meet the definition?


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