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Kathleen Vanbeekom

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RE: Morality
11/13/2009 4:35:19 PM

Hi Jayson,

The choice of "eliminating"our own entourage, does that mean to kill them? Are there consequences in this game for the killing? That depends on my gains or losses in the game points. In real life, I would not kill unsuspecting civilians, I also wouldn't want to do jail time for any reason, or kill my own group because they are individuals with common beliefs as me, even though they would be ready to die at any moment, so would I. But if I was going to be captured by the police, is there a choice for that? Do they give the option of suicide or walking into a hail of cop gunfire? I'm assuming suicide would put the player at zero points and game over. Would be more fun to be brave and get killed in police gunfire BUT I wouldn't want to wake up in the hospital and still be alive and in pain and then go to jail anyway.

Games...take away the action on screen and you're sitting there exercising your thumbs and getting eye strain. One of the biggest concurrent wastes of human time ever invented.

RE: Morality ~ TV Show Jerry Springer
11/13/2009 9:45:39 PM

Jayson, I am not sure if you are familiar with the Jerry Springer Show; however, it is one of my spouse's favorites. Locally it airs three times a day; personally, I detest the contents of the show.

It is my understanding that Mr. Springer was inspired to air the disgusting dilemmas of other people; because he was exploited in the 70s for giving a personal check to a prostitute.

Since my favorite workspace also has the big screen television; I am forced to listen to some of the show at least once a day; Mon - Fri and have to admit; many of those guest are incredibly strange for publicly sharing their immoral acts.

Cheryl Maples

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RE: Morality
11/18/2009 7:07:17 AM
Hi Jayson,

I have not posted in a forum before but you visited my profile and I got curious.

My son, a few years older than you, also likes video games. I do not even know what he plays.

However, to the subject at hand, our brains cannot tell the difference between what we think and what we actually do. That's why you can practice a physical thing just in your mind using your imagination with nearly the same results as if you were to go out and physically do the real practice. Your mind believes you've done it.

So maybe someone would play the game really a lot and then go berserk or, maybe not. Who's to say? The thing is, what else could a person do with their time that might be more constructive? That doesn't mean that all a person's time need be used constructively. I just think that playing video games and watching TV is way overdone. What happens to interaction between people, and relationships? And initiative? After a while, I feel that inertia takes over. Then a person really doesn't feel like doing anything, even taking a shower. lol

Yeah, I know guys like rough stuff. What about physical things like football, soccer, and other games, plus dirt biking, mountain climbing, parasailing, and any number of other things, as opposed to sitting on the couch exercising one's thumbs? LOL I really enjoyed that one.

I'll end while I'm still laughing,
Cheryl Maples, LMT Catch Your Dream 727-504-4721
Roger Macdivitt .

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RE: Morality
11/18/2009 7:56:40 AM


Jayson will be delighted that you chose to post here as your first ever time. You've been withAdland a while I know.I am so glad that your curiosity brought yo here.

I know what you say to be true.

For 50 years of my life I was telling myself "You are stupid" and didn't realise what I was doing.

Some might agree with what I said but I know now that I'm not.


Jayson VanBeekom

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RE: Morality
11/18/2009 3:44:31 PM

Well mom, I don't think this game has the same amount of realism as we've come to expect in our own reality. For instance, committing suicide in this, and all other games, results in you having to start the mission over again, where as in real life suicide gives no second chances.

However, this game I mention is the sequel to another game that released a few years ago, in where the character was killed in a nuclear explosion. Well, not right off the bat. The helicopter he was in was brought down by the shock wave of the blast, and he stumbled around for about 40 seconds until he died. It was considered one of the best moments in gaming for 2007, if I recall.


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