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Cheryl Maples

Cheryl Maples
BirthdaySunday, March 10, 1946
Member SinceThursday, December 14, 2006
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LocationPinellas Park , Florida, United States United States
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About Me
About Me
I had been looking for something in network marketing that works for me since the mid 1980's or earlier. A lot of things either didn't get off the ground or just didn't do enough for what I wanted. Finally I stumbled onto some help and found out why it was not my fault!!! Now I am sharing what I learned with anyone who wants help no matter what company they are with.

Catch Your Dream

I also enjoy knitting, gardening, reading, and bird watching (with our inside cats!) among many other things. Our three cats consider me staff. Although my house is in Florida, I am currently in Woodinville, WA.

In my younger years, I loved horses and even went to horseback riding school. Life took a turn and I went back to college. Got married. Got divorced. Got married again. My husband developed Alzheimer's and I, with the help of our young teenage son, took care of him at home. We were home schooling and I had to get a regular job. I ended up working for a telemarketing company. LOL. I did a lot of different jobs there.

My best friend "dragged" me off to massage school after my husband passed away and I was still working full time. I got my license for Florida and met my future husband there. Imagine meeting an electrical engineer at massage school!!!

Then I was laid off my job of 11 years. It was a blessing. After taking the Klemmer series of 4 personal development seminars, we got married in the fall of 2007. That's how I came to be north of Seattle, WA, where my husband's family lives. My son and house are still in Florida, as is my car!! It has worked out well as my aging parents are with my sister on her iris farm in CA, and I go there in the spring and fall, to work and visit.

During most of this time, I was in and out of network marketing, struggling to figure out how it works. Then my best friend got this free ebook that changed everything. Finally I got some real training in how to do this business. I sure was relieved to find out my past lack of real success was not my fault! Now, instead of being frustrated, I am having fun!!! I enjoy helping people and ending their frustration with this industry.

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Danny Kuhlmann - (6/8/2014 3:48:31 PM) :
Norma Padro - (7/3/2013 7:59:54 PM) : Good afternoon Ms. Maples. I haven't been in here for a while now, but I'm back. I came in to read what's new in the neighborhood. How have you been? I hope you and everyone here has a beautiful fourth of July. Take care. :-)


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