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Re: Autism. A most misunderstood illness of children
2/1/2009 9:35:19 PM
Greetings All
   The truth has hit the fan. The CDC , The FDA and big Pharma have all been lying to us about vaccines. Once and for all the matter is settled but, now what do we do with the perpetrators of the crime that has injured thousands, if not millions of our children. Who will be held accountable for the most horrific crime ever committed.

Senate Report on Mercury in Vaccines says CDC and FDA are Guilty of Misconduct

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Dercury Poison

The decades old firestorm debate over whether or not thimerosal in vaccines causes Autism got heated up last week when Jenny McCarthy made her accusation on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The U.S. Senate has just released a report after an 18-month long investigation of the FDA and CDC concerning thimerosal levels in pediatric vaccines and the rising rates of neurological disorders in U.S. children. Their verdict: the FDA is guilty of forcing parents to inoculate their children with hazardous amounts of poisonous mercury in the name of disease control.

Senator Enzi (R-Wyoming), Ranking Member of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, concluded,

“Two allegations were sustained [and] one allegation was partially substantiated…[the] FDA inappropriately utilized Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines regarding the dangers of mercury in vaccines containing thimerosal.”

In short: the FDA underestimated the toxicity of thimerosal [mercury] in vaccines required by law to be administered to countless infants and children.

The Senate report also indicated that:

  • The Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences screened “potential committee members for possible conflicts of interest,” then reviewed the evidence and found no link between mercury exposure from vaccines and autism.
  • Government data was inaccessible to researchers seeking to prove thimerosal in vaccines is damaging to certain populations.
  • Despite the decrease in mercury-laden vaccines for American children, vaccines manufactured and distributed to developing countries still contain thimerosal.

Parents with children suffering from neurological disorders such as autism, ADHD, and tourette syndrome (or other transient/chronic tic disorders) can find out if their child has been over exposed to thimerosal by getting a copy of their child’s immunization record. A good article to read on the subject is “CDC: Mercury in Vaccines Damaged Your Child. Or Not.” by David Kirby.

Kirby sums it up appropriately in his opening question:

“If you were informed that mercury in vaccines might double the risk of your son developing motor tics, increase his risk of “phonic tics” by nearly two-and-a-half times, and possibly cause speech, attention or behavioral problems in school, would you still allow him to be injected with the heavy metal — which, by the way, is 100 times more neurotoxic than that lead coating on his Chinese toys?”

Recommended books:

Evidence of Harm “Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy”

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Re: Autism. A most misunderstood illness of children
2/1/2009 9:52:30 PM
Greetings All

    A good place to start seeking out those to punish for this horrendous crime of injuring our children is Senator Bill Frist. Any lawmaker who knowingly withheld information and then tried to pass legislation protecting the drug companies is a criminal. Plain and simple, he is a criminal.

The drug companies are also getting help from powerful lawmakers in Washington. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who has received $873,000 in contributions from the pharmaceutical industry, has been working to immunize vaccine makers from liability in 4,200 lawsuits that have been filed by the parents of injured children. On five separate occasions, Frist has tried to seal all of the government's vaccine-related documents -- including the Simpsonwood transcripts -- and shield Eli Lilly, the developer of thimerosal, from subpoenas. In 2002, the day after Frist quietly slipped a rider known as the "Eli Lilly Protection Act" into a homeland security bill, the company contributed $10,000 to his campaign and bought 5,000 copies of his book on bioterrorism. Congress repealed the measure in 2003 -- but earlier this year, Frist slipped another provision into an anti-terrorism bill that would deny compensation to children suffering from vaccine-related brain disorders. "The lawsuits are of such magnitude that they could put vaccine producers out of business and limit our capacity to deal with a biological attack by terrorists," says Andy Olsen, a legislative assistant to Frist.

Even many conservatives are shocked by the government's effort to cover up the dangers of thimerosal. Rep. Dan Burton, a Republican from Indiana, oversaw a three-year investigation of thimerosal after his grandson was diagnosed with autism. "Thimerosal used as a preservative in vaccines is directly related to the autism epidemic," his House Government Reform Committee concluded in its final report.

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Re: Autism. A most misunderstood illness of children
2/1/2009 10:12:34 PM

Greetings All

    The vaccine / autism coverup involves so many people and so many companies that it will be difficult to know where to look for accountability. Why not begin at the top. Bush, Frist, the drug companies. Just pick one and move forward. They are all criminals and they all deserve to be held accountable for their actions.

Bush Asks Court To Seal MMR Vaccine Records
By Todd Zwillich


WASHINGTON (Reuters Health) - Attorneys for the Bush Administration asked a federal court on Monday to order that documents on hundreds of cases of autism allegedly caused by childhood vaccines be kept from the public...

Department of Justice lawyers asked a special master in the US Court of Federal Claims to seal the documents, arguing that allowing their automatic disclosure would take away the right of federal agencies to decide when and how the material should be released...

Attorneys for the families of hundreds of autistic children charged that the government was trying to keep the information out of civil courts, where juries might be convinced to award large judgments against vaccine manufacturers...

The court is currently hearing approximately 1,000 claims brought by the families of autistic children. The suits charge that the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, which until recently included a mercury-containing preservative known as thimerosal, can cause neurological damage leading to autism...

Federal law requires suits against vaccine makers to go before a special federal "vaccine court" before any civil lawsuit is allowed. The court was set up by Congress to speed compensation claims and to help protect vaccine makers from having to pay large punitive awards decided by juries in state civil courts. Plaintiffs are free to take their cases to state courts if they lose in the federal vaccine court or if they don't accept the court's judgment...

The current 1,000 or so autism cases are unusual for the court. Because it received so many claims, much of the fact-finding and evidence-gathering is going on for all of the cases as a block...

Monday's request by the Bush Administration would prevent plaintiffs who later go to civil court from using some relevant evidence generated during the required vaccine court proceedings...

Plaintiffs' attorneys said that the order amounted to punishment of the families of injured children because it would require them to incur the time and expense of regenerating evidence for a civil suit...

"Wouldn't it be a shame if at the end of the day our policy would be to compensate lawyers," said Jeff Kim, an attorney with Gallagher Boland Meiburger & Brosnan. The firm represents about 400 families of autistic children who received the MMR vaccine...

Kim accused the government of trying to lower "a shroud of secrecy over these documents" in order to protect vaccine manufacturers, who he said were "the only entities" that would benefit if the documents are sealed...

While federal law clearly seals most documents generated in individual vaccine cases, it has never been applied to a block proceeding like the one generating evidence in the autism cases...

Administration lawyers told Special Master George Hastings that they requested the seal in order to preserve the legal right of the Secretary of Health and Human Services to decide when vaccine evidence can be released to the public...

Justice Department attorney Vincent Matanoski argued that to let plaintiffs use the vaccine court evidence in a later civil suit would confer an advantage on plaintiffs who chose to forgo federal compensation...

"There is no secret here. What the petitioners are arguing for are enhanced rights in a subsequent civil action," Matanoski said of the plaintiffs. "They're still going to have unfettered use within the proceedings..."

Hastings would not say when he would issue a ruling on whether to seal the court documents, but did say that his decision would be "very prompt..."

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