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Lawrence Bergfeld

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Re: Autism. A most misunderstood illness of children
8/4/2008 8:57:31 PM

I think its a good idea for Autistic kids to learn to defend themselves because if they don't they are giving others power to step on them.


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Re: Autism. A most misunderstood illness of children
8/4/2008 10:35:55 PM

Hello Lawrence

   Thank you for stopping by our forum here. For some reason, I have a feeling that there is a lot more you would like to say but ,,,,you held back. Lawrence, I want you to know that in this forum you are welcome to say abolutely anything you want to say. I have been trying for a long time to get the voices heard of those who have something to say about autism. You may not know this but we just lost one of the greatest voices ever to speak about the injustice of autism. As we lose those who speak out in behalf of those who suffer, we must stand up and take their places for the causes they stood for. Yes Lawrence, that means you and I and many others have to take the torch and run with it. We must run untill we can run no more and then we must pass this torch on to others who will run in our place.

   So My friend, let us stand together and carry the torch that has been passed on to us by Dr. Frank Engley.

Dr. Frank Engley: Farewell to a Truth-Teller

Engley3_2By Anne Dachel

Most of the time, in the countless articles and news videos I look at, the controversy over vaccines and autism is presented as a debate with scientists and doctors on one side and parents along with the general population on the other side.  We rarely hear about the experts who challenge the claims of health officials.  This is a point of increasing frustration for me and countless others in the autism community. 

This isn't just an argument about proving vaccines have serious side effects.  It's really about who will be held responsible if it's clearly shown that through complete oversight failure, a generation of children has been damaged by unsafe vaccines.   That's it -- pure and simple.  But we don't talk about that.  We pretend that autism is a puzzle we just haven't been able to solve and that officials have earnestly looked for a link with vaccines, but they keep coming up empty.

Late last week, I received word from Linda Weinmaster of
No Mercury that Dr. Frank Engley had died.  Dr. Engley has an extremely important place in the story of the autism epidemic and he'll be long-remembered for what he did to expose the truth. 

Reporter Ashley Reynolds interviewed Dr. Engley as part of her incredible landmark series, Combating Autism from Within, on KOMU-TV in Columbia, MO in 2007.  His comments deserve to be acknowledged now. 

You can listen to him explain how officials ignored the recommendation to remove the mercury-based preservative thimerosal from medical products, especially children's vaccines, back in the 1980s and about the fear that motives them now. 

A Look into Vaccines - Part Three

A while ago I learned the term "iatrogenic"  and simply put, it's an adjective that means "caused by doctor."  It's used to describe a symptom or illness brought on unintentionally by something that a doctor does or says.  I'm sure it's a word that sends shockwaves through the medical community.  Dr. Engley's comments make it clear that autism is an iatrogenic epidemic. 

Dr. Engley was a researcher and microbiologist who served on boards with the Centers for Disease Control, the FDA, and EPA throughout the 1970s and 80s.  He researched the toxicity of thimerosal.  He understood that there's no such thing as "safe mercury" and he knew of the potential for harm from continued mercury use. 

"I am afraid they [the FDA] have a tremendous amount of pressure being brought to bear by the medical profession, by the pediatricians, by Congress, and by industry, and so they are under pressure and someday they will have to live with the fact with what they said is wrong," said Dr. Engley.  He noted that the FDA knew about the dangers of thimerosal back at the time when he served on its board.

"I would say to you, the FDA is partly to blame for the mecuricals still being on the market all that length of time. If they would have followed through with our 1982 report, vaccines would have been freed of thimerosal and all this autism as they tell me would not have occurred. But as it is, it all occurred," said Dr. Engley. 

The date of 1982 has a chilling effect on me as a parent and I'm sure others share my thought: "If they had listened in 1982, my child wouldn't have autism."  They were warned by a top scientist and one of their own board members and they did nothing.  They allowed the drug industry to continue to expose our children to more and more deadly mercury and they pretended it was safe.

Dr. Engley addressed the role of the CDC in this disaster.  He said that they were in on the production and development of some of these vaccines and that they have everything at stake in covering it up.  He explained that "the CDC cannot afford to admit thimerosal is toxic because they have been promoting it for several years. Today they are in the process of getting vaccines all over the world to immunize 100 million children with vaccines, many of which contain thimerosal."

The Combating Autism from Within series will ensure that Dr. Engley's efforts have a lasting effect.  They expose the lie that officials had no warning of the potential for harm because of mercury exposure.  In one place I found this quote from Dr. Engley, "These people are being forced to say something sometimes they really don't believe. But they are having to say it.  I am not sure I can live long enough to see a lot of that taken away from them. I can only hope."

Dr. Engley may not have seen the truth officially recognized in his lifetime, but it's coming.  There are too many voices out there all saying the same thing.  There is an epidemic number of disabled children who can't be explained away.  The tired old claims from the CDC and medical organizations are falling on deaf ears.  The public is going to be left with a welfare disaster when it comes time to support a generation of adults with autism who aren't there now.  They will demand to know the truth about what happened and Dr. Engley gave us that truth.

Video interviews of Dr. Engley:

Part 1:

Part 2: HERE

Part 3: HERE

Part 4: HERE

And Dr. Engley is included throughout the hour long special HERE.

Anne Dachel is media editor of Age of Autism.

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May a smile follow you to sleep each night and,,,,,be there waiting,,,,,when you awaken Sincerely, Billdaddy
Re: Autism. A most misunderstood illness of children
10/7/2008 11:23:19 AM

Forwarded from NAA Board Member Deirdre Imus and the Deirdre Imus Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology

This forum and panel discussion will provide differing perspectives on vaccinations, vaccine policy, parental concerns and finding common ground. The guest speakers will be:

  • Deirdre Imus, founder and president, The Deirdre Imus Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology®
  • Jeffrey Boscamp, M.D., FAAP, chair, American Academy of Pediatrics/NJ Chapter Infectious Diseases Committee, chairman and physician-in-chief, The Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at Hackensack University Medical Center
  • Margaret C. Fisher, M.D., FAAP, chair, Section of Infectious Diseases, American Academy of Pediatrics, and medical director, The Children’s Hospital at Monmouth Medical Center
  • Lawrence Rosen, M.D., chief of Pediatric Integrative Medicine, The Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at Hackensack University Medical Center
  • David Kirby, journalist and author Evidence of Harm: Mercury In Vaccines and The Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy

Each speaker will provide a professional perspective and will then participate in a panel discussion and question and answer session.

This forum will bring together physicians, health officials, legislators and parents and present great opportunities to share information vitally important to all of us. The forum also hopes to stimulate discussion and further consideration about the trajectory of public health policies.  

The forum will be held in the Hekemian Conference Center at Hackensack University Medical Center, 30 Prospect Ave., Hackensack, New Jersey from 1:30pm to 5:00pm. 

RSVP: Required By October 8th, 2008
Bonnie Eskenazi or LaRae Muse 201-336-8071
Seating is Limited

Click here for a printable flyer:

Think Autism. Think Cure. ®

May a smile follow you to sleep each night and,,,,,be there waiting,,,,,when you awaken Sincerely, Billdaddy
Ally Maree

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Re: Autism. A most misunderstood illness of children
11/3/2008 1:25:01 PM

Hi Everyone,

Well I talked to Savannah's Medical coverage provider and told them she is NOT getting anymore shots..and to my surprise they didn't argue with me.. I told the people at PTO that I am not allowing Summer or Savannah get anymore shots, they weren't too happy with me bringing that up (they were too busy talking about Hogie selling and parents whom don't read the handbook). Well I was the ONLY Parent whom read it and I voiced my opinion about the new shot scheduals. They tried to have me talk to the school nurse about a new shot schedual...and I simply refused to hear it.  However I did have 1 mom in my corner..... her son NEVER had shots and he is allowed in school. 

I also told Savannah's dr she is NOT getting shots... she has had enough...and besides what diseases do we have now like Polio?? MMR???  My mom had the Mumps and she lived.... so what is the point of getting shots???  What do we really benifit from them??? Nothing, but yet our kids are being diagnosed with Autism More and More each day. More parents ripping their hair out trying to figure out WHY?? WHY them???  Why their Kid(s)??? 

Savannah is now 15 months...and she is reaching that age of when we will notice Autism.  YES we are worried, yes we are concerned...and scared.  We are working very hard with her (in my hopes to keep her from Autism).  Reguardless what happens to our baby.... she will still be loved very much. 

Through out our pregnancy the Drs were WONG! They told Bill and I the baby was going to be small and We had a Risk for Down Syndrom. Well all of that was not true... Savannah was a healthy 8 pounds at Birth... and not down syndrom.

The more we know the more we will understand.

Right now I am doing research on teaching Autistic Children Sign Language. I want to go to school for this very thing.  So far there are no Colleges that offer Sign Language. Luckly for me... I had a deaf Grandmother whom taught me sign language, BUT I need to be certified to teach UGH.  Always a loop hole somewhere. 

Our Children are the Greatest blessing in our lives, Don't let the Govn't take that away from us by their dumb shots.

Love to all,

Ally V.

Re: Autism. A most misunderstood illness of children
12/2/2008 7:34:56 PM

Hello Ally and Friends

    Ally, as you know, my skepticism about vaccines is not based merely on opinions. I have researched this topic for well over 3 years now and I am convinced that the dangers of vaccinating outweigh the benefits. The following is a compilation of the research that others have done. The facts are clear though well hidden in the media.

   This article summarizes just about everything I have learned over the years about autism and vaccines. However, it deals mainly with thimerosal. there are many other ingredients in vaccines that are toxic as well. If they lied about mercury all these years, what would keep them from lying about the other dangerous ingredients?

Beginning at the Beginning

[Updated June 12, 2007]

The following is a summary of the history of thimerosal. It is not a complete list, as there is much more information out there and many more details to the information that I have included, but it hits the high points and gives a good frame of reference for where the discussion of the safety of this product and its relationship to autism and neurodevelopmental disorders should begin.

History of Thimerosal and Autism

  • Invented in the 1920’s by Eli Lilly, thimerosal is 49.6% ethlymercury by weight, a neurotoxin known to be more than a hundreds times more lethal to tissue than lead.

  • Eli Lilly’s safety testing of the product consists of a 1930 study of 22 patients dieing from mengiococcal meningitis in an Indiana hospital. Patients are injected with the solutions and followed until their death, which is within days. Because the patients die of meningitis, they are declared to show no adverse reaction to thimerosal and the product is declared safe for use. Thimerosal is subsequently introduced for use in vaccines and in over the counter remedies as a preservative to kill bacteria in the product.

  • When the FDA is created, Thimerosal is grandfathered in and is not subjected to any additional safety testing. The 1930 study remains the only safety testing done on the substance even after being in use for over 75 years.

  • Through FOIA requests and documents acquired as a part of discovery process in lawsuits against Lilly, it is clear that they have been warned about, and have been aware of the dangers of the product since at least 1947.

  • The use of thimerosal in teething powders for infants leads to a fatal out break of Acrodynia, or “Pink’s Disease”, a form of mercury poisoning. This illness has many symptoms in common with Autism. The link to mercury powders was found in the 1940's and by the 1950's Pink's disease was disappearing.
  • Sincerely, Billdaddy
  • May a smile follow you to sleep each night and,,,,,be there waiting,,,,,when you awaken Sincerely, Billdaddy

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