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Re: * * * Prison Vs. Work Debate * * * :-)
9/23/2005 3:24:47 PM
Hey, That Was Awesome, Make Me Laugh, Ja, Ha Ja COOL!
Joseph Munoz
Re: * * * Prison Vs. Work Debate * * * :-)
9/23/2005 3:35:26 PM
Howdy my friend... That sounds like what I did and tryed not to do. OH thank you for the invite. My trade is Hospice and Home Care. I could not work in a hospice although I did right after hi school. That was when God was a little boy. Not really but sure seems that long ago. Anyway working out side going to house to house was the best thing for me. Sometimes it did feel like 4 walls when the end was near for the pt, but since I was there for the family, too, it really did not bother me cause I know a few feet away was the frount door and I could go out and get a breath of freash air. God bless you!!!!!!!! Doc...Romans 8:28><>
Re: * * * Prison Vs. Work Debate * * * :-)
9/23/2005 3:43:47 PM
You know Felicia while everyone else is laughing...I think I'll cry! It's just too true.
Re: * * * Prison Vs. Work Debate * * * :-)
9/23/2005 3:48:46 PM
That was a good one. How very true.
Felicia Harris

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Re: * * * Prison Vs. Work Debate * * * :-)
9/23/2005 3:54:45 PM
You're right Luella. It's probably worse on the manager side, more hours, responsibility and stress.

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