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Michael Derowin

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Forgiveness Now
8/12/2009 10:18:05 AM

Forgiveness Now

My Angel, My Angel I have spoken
hurtful words out of turn,
Not realizing the bridges I was
really starting to burn.

This is my downfall about trust
when will I ever learn,
Giving trust to people right away
instead of what they earn.

We have been apart for 6 months
which has been so long,
My pride was hurt but I admit
now I was wrong.

You are not like any of the others
you're one who stands tall,
My Angel you are perfect compared to
them and you're the one I call.

Knowing you're the only one who has
ever shown me any kind of respect,
Finally able to see this just took longer
than you came to expect.

I am sorry for all the reasons listed here
never again to sink this low,
Now it is time for me to beg your
forgiveness and to start eating crow.

Please forgive for having second
thoughts in a jealous rampage,
They would not of happened if I trusted
instead of being in a rage.

Forgive me for all the hurtful words
for which I have spoken,
You have said some too and are
forgiven on the same token.

I have done many things that should
have chased you away,
Instead you Love me and choose to stay
while our plans come into play.

You have stayed with me thru the
thickest times and thin,
So we can forget all the sorrow and
let our lives together begin.

Written by

Michael Derowin
© 08/10/2009

Joyce Parker Hyde

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Re: Forgiveness Now
8/12/2009 10:30:05 AM
Your words are so simply structured as to say what needs to be said-no holds barred-heart laid bare.
How powerful it would be if more men had your courage.

Bravo-once again
Kathleen Vanbeekom

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Re: Forgiveness Now
8/12/2009 11:38:08 AM

Thanks, Michael,

Words can cut like a knife, we all need to be aware of what we say and why we say it, and try not to burn bridges, especially with people who are important to us.  We only meet a few very special people in this lifetime, the ones we let into our heart, and it's a very delicate balance of 2 peoples' emotions and past experiences and expectations and fear of loss.  Relationships take a LOT of patience and understanding and impulse-control.

Re: Forgiveness Now
8/12/2009 3:08:51 PM
Dear Brother:
I love what you have wrote,and it is so very true.
I have been trying to find my brother so that I can mend our fences before it is too late,He does not even know I am sick,and I really want to tell him that I love him,before it is to late.
Thank you for your beautiful words.
If you would not mind I would like to put them on my blog,Please let me know if it would be ok with you my brother.
All my love and prayers come to you from me.
Peggy O`Neill
Nick Sym

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Re: Forgiveness Now
8/13/2009 8:43:39 PM
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