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Tips for handling bogus callers.
8/30/2005 2:25:12 PM
Here is the second part of tips for your security. Tips for handling Bogus callers. They may say that their car has broken down & they need to phone someone for help. They may pretend to be a workman, saying that they need to check your electricity or water. They might even claim to be from the council & that they are carrying out a local survey. Whatever reason a caller gives, you need to be sure that they are not just trying to get into your home to steal something. There are around 12,000 incidents of 'distraction burgulary' (USA) each year, where callers get into homes & then steal cash or valuables while the occupier is distracted in some way. Sometimes they work in pairs, with one doing the talking, while the other is stealing & they often target the elderly. Be on your guard every time the doorbell rings, or there is a knock at your door. Look out of your window to see who's there first & if you don't know who the person is, open the window slightly & talk to them that way, rather than opening your door. Alternatively, have a viewer fitted in your front door so that you can see who's there first. If your eyesight isn't so good, don't worry as you can now get wide-angle viewers to help you see better. Put the door chain or door-bar on before opening the door & talk through the small gap. You could even fit a small mirror to the wall next to the door, so that you can easily see the person you are talking to. When the caller has left & you have closed the door, don't forget to unhook the chain so that any friend or realative you have given a key to can still gain entry in case of an emergency. Make sure your back door is locked if someone knocks at your front door. Sometimes thieves work together with one coming in the back way, while the other keeps you talking at the front door. Keeping the chain on the door & asking the callers from wherever they say they are from to pass some form of identification through to you to check their authenticity. If you need your glasses to read, don't think it is rude to close the door & go get them. A genuine caller won't mind. If your still not sure, ask the caller to leave & tell them to write & make an appointment, so that someone else can be with you the next time they call. The basic rule is, If you don't know the person at your door, don't let them in. As part of the Goverment's 'Stop, Chain, Check' campaign. local councils, social services & Age concern centers have further information they can provide to the older people of your family or community. They can also help with door viewers, chains & mirrors, & in certain circumstances, may be able to supply a personal attack alarm that connects through to a control centre. For the not so old, our Personal & Home Security Store has everything you need to help you protect your home & family.
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Re: Tips for handling bogus callers.
8/30/2005 2:34:54 PM
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Re: Tips for handling bogus callers.
8/30/2005 3:07:47 PM
Thanks for the invite. I would think with the availability of fire arms in the USA that there would be a lot more dead guys laying around the neighbourhood with 12,000 incidents a year.:( I'm sorry, that's not fair, I guess we Canadians are pretty lucky when it comes to getting ripped off like that, heck we are so passive that we don't even kill people in plane crashes. (Air France in Toronto) Anyway, Thanks for the heads up, I am sure this stuff happens everywhere and we all need to be aware of the danger. Randy
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Re: Tips for handling bogus callers.
8/30/2005 3:36:00 PM
Hi Anthony, Man have you opened my eyes to some potential problems....some I never dreamed of. For sure, I will be contacting you (when) we get our new home in Henderson (or) Boulder City. Harold (The Marathon Man)
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Re: Tips for handling bogus callers.
8/30/2005 3:36:02 PM
Randy, Yes i'm sure that would be the case if they actually did not target the elderly like they do. Thing is, most criminals are cowards, they pick on the weak & defenseless, they will do there homework on who is an easy target before 'going to work' Saying that though, there has been some reports of criminals bursting into homes here in the Las Vegas area, when home owners are just doing normal everyday things like washing their cars or working in their garages. it does not take these thugs very long to burst into someones home, through the garage when the homeowner or younger members of the household go inside for something. There is not much you can do when these lowlifes burst in with guns drawn & demand your money. In some cases here, when the home owner has tried to defend themselves, they are shot & killed. So always be aware of your surroundings, even when your at home with all your family around you. I know you Canadians think that we all go round with guns on us at all times, but we don't. Mind you, if anyone tries that here in our home, if the dog does not rip them apart first, it gives us time to get our weapons. Plus we always have stun guns, tasers & pepper spray handy. As we sell these items, it would be stupid of us not to carry them...

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