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Re: The end of the constitutional republic?
12/20/2008 10:58:08 AM
Hi Geketa,

Well our guy did not come yesterday to fix the pipes so I am waiting on him to
come today.  The house is in a big mess, without water, I went and gathered
some fresh snow to melt to give our puppies some water to drink and at least
be able to make a pot of coffee.  I never thought how much snow it takes to
get a medium saucepan of water.  I had to put the snow in a large saucepan.
I hope he gets here soon.

Yes I agree, I have close friends of different religions, a couple of them are in what
mainstream churches call Sects.  We found common interests. Our morals, values, ethics, right and wrong are very similar and this is what I feel makes the friendship become closer and last.

I did not realize you were a Jew, - And a Christian too?  Doubly blessed.  Lovely.
I never met any Jews back in New Zealand, maybe they did not immigrate that
far south and especially travel into the Central North Island where I am from. I
agree they were not out proselytizing (I had to look that word and it's meaning
as I had not heard of it before) 

We had our fair share of Jehovah's Witness, Seven Day Adventists and Mormons
call around to everyone in our street at various times through the years to witness
their beliefs.  Most of us 'duck for cover' when we saw them walking the street and
getting closer to your house.
We had a family of Jehovah's Witness call on us here shortly after we moved in.
They came about 3 times, they were nice people yet their agenda was to tell us
about their beliefs and leave their booklets.  We invited them to come visit anytime
but be warned that we were not in agreement with their beliefs.  There are so
many other topics we could talk about as the lady said they had pet dogs and liked
gardening, lived in the country in our area etc.  They have not returned, which is kinda sad that they felt that way.

New Zealand is more conservative when talking to new people and acquaintances,
we do not discuss or ask many personal questions that people ask and talk about
here in the States.  We just do not go there...We would not dream of asking another how much they make at their job, or ask how much they paid for something unless
we knew them really well. We usually wait for the other to tell us what they want us
to know and don't go digging.


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