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Robert De Merode

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Re: Going to meet Jenny FINALLY!!!!
11/24/2008 3:05:47 PM

Hello Venerina,

I had to go to the Brussels airport the other day, and the frenzy going on there was huge. I asked what it was all about, snow? Obama traveling around? Belgium scratched from the map? But all answered; Do you not know? Have you not heard? Have you come from Mars? before darting away in all different directions. So I had to conclude that it can only be V. on her European sprawl and that all are hoping that an incidental and unsuspecting stopover would give them a chance to snatch a signature from her. J


I understand that your time off has been up to expectations, London is effectively cold damp and dark at this time of the year. But it does have the advantage, amongst others, of guaranteeing to the citizen that if there is little visibility (fog) it’s a sure sign of coming rain, and conversely. As for Granada, we are reading between the lines, Hehehe!


Before I sign off, you asked if I have ever been to your little Paradise Island, The answer is that I had prepared some years back, a flight-plan to go there but, the clients of the charter flight cancelled the day before. So I will stick to the adage that says; “If the dream is big enough, the details do not matter.”


Friendly yours,


Venerina Conti

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Re: Going to meet Jenny FINALLY!!!!
11/27/2008 6:28:08 AM
hehehehehe .... very funny Robert .... so, my reputation precedes me, does it?  That's probably because the last time I was in Belgium I managed to raise an eyebrow or two whilst looking for the Belgium chocolate shops... and trying to find my way out of Belgium!!! :-)))

Of course, there is also the time I went chasing after a 1940s gangster style car in Brugge that had been converted into something like a fast food or ice-cream outlet. 

Oh yes, and then there was the time I couldn't figure out where to buy the tram ticket.... and ... let's not even mention the river boat trip  hehehehe

Yes, I think Belgium had enough of me ....

Ah yes ... there was also another time I was driving to Germany, came off the ferry and got lost in Antwerp and went around that huge busy roundabout a million times at peak time .... when I saw the helicopter flying over, I thought it was time to just take any old exit off .... hehehehehe ... Now you see why it's safer for me to fly!!!

Well... I am sorry that your plans fell through ... but we are getting more and more Belgium clients over here ... so perhaps now's the time to put that group together and get yourself out here and away from the recent SNOW you had .... Brrrrrr!!!!!

A big hug to you

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