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Re: Genocide in America?
10/5/2008 7:07:26 AM


Thank you!

You have covered quite a wide range of things that a vast majority of people may agree with you.

Yes, we do need sex education, but what they are teaching our children is not to have sex, they are teaching perverted sex without restraint.  Abortion has become the sacrifice to the sex godess and at the same time one of the most profitable medical procedures that can be performed.

Yes the researchers only release enough information to obtain their next grant, and they will not share their discoveries with other researchers.

If the big drug companies had their way, you would have to have a prescription to take a vitamin pill.

About rehabilation, you cannot reform anyone untill they come to the point they want to change. 

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Re: Genocide in America?
10/5/2008 9:03:21 AM

Put to death millions agreed. American citizens??? Not quite. Granted, these fetuses are beings and were killed but not citizens ....yet. That's a semantic but the way you worded it makes it sound like something else entirely

Yes Peter, American Citizens.  In my view life begins when there is a heartbeat.  I believe that describes life, simple, basic, easy to understand.  If that life exists in the womb it is safe to say that it will be whatever belongs to that womb.  Therefore if it is a life, existing in a human womb, residing in the United States, then by all rights we hold under the constitution of the United States, that life, being human is a Citizen of the United States and protected by all the laws of that same United States.  Simple, basic and easy to understand.

Illegal Immigrants understand that law and they do not abort their children, because to do so would cut their legal argument to remain in this country to the bone.

We the American citizen has participated in this genocide.  As James points out and you are welcome to research the location of these clinics and their claim to be there for contraceptive purposes are nothing more than government approved killing houses.  My personal opinion.  Obama/Biden support abortion rights as a woman's right to choose.  I prefer to be on the side of Pro-Life on Judgement Day.  Because they are generally located in low income and poverty stricken communities and populations genocide fits quite well.  Another personal opinion.

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Re: Genocide in America?
10/5/2008 2:01:59 PM


You are so right!

Planned Parenthood is in the process of building an abortion center on I 45 in Houston, TX and it will be one of the largest slaughter houses in the United States.

And yes the illigals do not abort their babies for the reason you state and then there is the fact that they will get government assistant for the child.

One day, all will have to face the judgment, and I wonder what the Pro-Choice will try to say to justify their actions?

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Peter Fogel

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Re: Genocide in America?
10/5/2008 3:33:21 PM

Hello Jun & James,

I knew when I hesitated to post in this thread there was a reason and I regret my initial post here. Not what was written but for getting into an discussion where there is no possibility to change peoples opinion and beliefs.

Let me reiterate. I am against abortions accept under certain conditions that I believe most agree with.

James, one of the reasons I didn't want to get involved was cos I knew some would start using scriptures and forget that there are exceptions to every rule regardless of the scriptures.

According to Jewish law (halachah) a fetus is a human being from inception and according to the halachah abortion is not allowed. Yet there are instances when it is, specifically health reasons both physical and mental of the pregnant woman and in some instances of the fetus (Tye Sachs [sp?] for example). When the life of the mother is in danger abortion is allowed but if the child is brought to term and the minute the head of the child exits the womb the birth has to be completed since then you're choosing between one living human being and another and that is not allowed. Partial birth abortions are a travesty that must be stopped. 

That said abortion is still not genocide and once again I'll paste the definition of genocide. Murder as I said earlier is definitely bad enough but genocide is something that is going on as you well know in different parts of the world today and as repugnant as abortion is it can't be compared to the destruction of ethnic groups, religious groups and race.

gen·o·cide  (noun)

murder of an entire ethnic



The systematic killing of all

the people from a national

ethnic, or religious group, or


Jim, the argument whether an unborn child is a citizen or not is moot and the connection between abortions and illegal immigrants is tenuous. But if you wish to believe that I have no problem and it's definitely not a point of disagreement.

I wonder if the foreign Doctors also stay in the USA instead of returning to their homelands is for the same reason? They are definitely not illegals. 



Peter Fogel
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Re: Genocide in America?
10/5/2008 4:39:28 PM


You have brought out one point that I appreciate very much.  I respect Jewish Law and the point you made about halacha is very good.

You see, at one time the law in the USA was the same with the same reguards to the life of mother.  It was against the law to perform an abortion, unless it was done to save the life of the mother.  Then the America's Crooked Lawyers Union was formed and that began to change.  It was done through the courts under the guise of Pro-Choice.

Now for scriptures the vast majority were written by Jewish people begining with Moses. 

We both agree that abortion, and partial birth abortion, are an abomination, but there is also the issue where a baby survives the abortion process and then it is discarded and left to starve to death.  The reason they do this is the fact that if they killed the baby, they could be charged with murder, but if they let it starve to death they night be charged with neglect.

There are two presidental candidates that support all of negative things pertaining to abortion.  

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