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Re: Genocide in America?
10/4/2008 7:32:51 PM


You are so right about finding it hard to believe in supporting genocide.

On th contrary I detest what is going on and the fact that Planned Parenthood is a tax excempt organization and also receives our tax dollars. 

I personally believe their tax free status should be removed, and their government funding shut down.

I also do not like what they are promoting to our children in the form of sex education.

Did you know that they poured money into a certain candadates political slush fund.

There has been 60 Million babies put to death since Roe vs. Wade was enacted.

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Peter Fogel

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Re: Genocide in America?
10/4/2008 9:24:59 PM

Hello James,

I hesitate to post here cos this is such a sensitive and volatile subject. But I decided to add my thoughts here too.

First of all, what is the definition of genocide?

gen·o·cide  (noun)


murder of an entire ethnic



The systematic killing of all

the people from a national

ethnic, or religious group, or

attempt to do this.

When I first was invited to join this forum I had the feeling that the main topic of discussion would be abortions.

On a personal level I have split feelings in regard to abortions since I believe that some abortions are necessary for different reasons but I am totally against partial birth abortions.

I checked the statistics for abortions per year in the USA and they are unbelievable to say the least. What bothered me though was the fact that given only flat figures we don't know how many of them were done for health reasons, parental rape victims etc. Not that it changes the actual number of abortions but it does clarify and change the moralities of many of them.

That said abortion can not in my opinion be considered genocide but murder and that in it's own right is damning enough. 

Jim, you wrote:  Since Roe vs Wade we have put to death millions of American citizens making room for all the cheap labor from illegal immigrants and legal ones.  Put to death millions agreed. American citizens??? Not quite. Granted, these fetuses are beings and were killed but not citizens ....yet. That's a semantic but the way you worded it makes it sound like something else entirely.

I'm not sure I understand the connection between cheap labor from illegal immigrants, foreign Doctors  and abortion but i'm sure you had a thought connection there and I'd appreciate if you elaborated on that a bit more.




Peter Fogel
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Re: Genocide in America?
10/4/2008 10:00:33 PM


Thank you for your thoughts!

Yes, it is murder, and it is genocide.  The founder of Planned Parenthood originally started to program with the thought of eliminating as many black children as possible.  She set up a program that would be committing genocide on the blacks.

Peter, there are scriptures written that state "I knew you when you were in your father's loins". There are scriptures that state I knew you when your bones were being formed in your mother's womb". 

When I speak of citizens I personally believe that life begins at conception.  1 Cor: 15 vers 35 (paraphrased) "Thou fool, don't you know that a seed does not quicken less it first dies."  There is a lot more if you take time to read the scriptures.  I believe they are God's citizens before they are ever planted in their mother's womb. If not, why does God's word state that he knew them before conception?

Now, bare in mind that if you took a straight pin and diped it into male sperm, they estimate there would be 100,000 on the pin head.  Now what amazes me is God knew that out of the 100, of thousands he know that I would be deposited in the egg, die, and be the person I am today.

This is why I feel that every child that is concived is a very unique individual that deserves to have the chance to live.


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Re: Genocide in America?
10/5/2008 5:28:00 AM

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Re: Genocide in America?
10/5/2008 6:19:53 AM
Yes, let me reinstate my position here. What I meant to say is that people should be more responsible for preventive methods in avoiding unwanted pregnancies in this world. Yes, I agree with the others, that we should all be reeducated on birth control, diseases, supportive programs, medicine, and other areas that deal with social and as well economic conditions. People have a lack of self-worth these days. No one seems to be conscious of their own actions. Some foreigners do go back because their health care system is much better in some areas than in U.S. Their health care system pays for their bills and provides any kind of health problems and other assistance that our system can't provide for what they call unnecessary surgeries that are not in our policy, or cover by insurance companies. Such as cosmetic surgeries or mental health to name of few. Maybe, us Americas have to put our foot down, instead complaining, walk the walk and not talk it because we can complain all day about these problems will not be accomplish if don't take immediate action. We all can have our own preventive, supportive, and educated programs to develop in our communities for the sake of our well being. Government isn't going to do dog gone thing instead giving to doctors and other medical adversaries why don't we create our own. The tremendous money we put with these so call experimental people who keep saying you need drugs(and they/drugs, specialist) are no good but they have significant side effects and can cause other diseases that eventually kill us) We do have think of our siblings in future, the government could give a F----- excuse this, all they are worry about greed, power, and hurting others which boosts their ego. We all are going to suffer if we don't take a stand and we should be now!!! Not tomorrow, or whenever, NOW!!! Genocidy is alreay happening since the beginning of time. People at war, people slipping pills(allergic reactions), hospital staff incompetent in administering prescriptions, people killing one another for unnecessary reasons, etc. Look at convicts in prison it is overpopulated. The administration doesn't know where to put them. So some of they are released back in streets and worst crimes again occur. You can't rehabilitate some of these convicts. I have some great ideas without severely the exterminating by weapons. They would eventually destroy themselves. I ship them to alaska where polar bears are, and etc. God Bless Alexia

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