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Alexia H
BirthdayWednesday, May 31, 1961
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LocationConshohocken, Pennsylvania, United States United States
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About Me
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Alexia was originally born in Philadelphia, but grew up most of her life in countryside of PA. She traveled throughout the United States as well as Europe for pleasurable and personal occasions. She would like to become an international singer. Simona has been singing ever since she was seven and writing lyrics when she was nine years old. Simona is a solo artist that is typically flexible with singing with a group, or duet. The range of her voice can either be alto or soprano. These ranges disguise her tone, style, or sound that is not recognizable in some cases. She is inspired by several performing artists that complement the way she performs her material. She is authentic artist that would like to collaborate with other very talented singing artists in the future. The type of music she is accustomed to in using her high pitch vocals is Classical, R & B, Pop, Disco, Ballads, Rock, International, Soul, Jazz. She has actively sang and auctioned for several Karaoke places in states such as PA, VT, Texas and Las Vegas. She lived in Las Vegas for at least three years and made her stunning debut around popular casinos and karoake bars winning prizes for initiating her singing quality. She has the ability to blend and improvise on other lyrics as well as her own material.

Her technique is original with a flare of sultry, sensual, classical style that puts a person’s heart in a certain mood. She is also talented in other areas such as acting, dancing and writing romantic poetry. She is diverse in both entertainment and the business fields. She is a very well endowed artist that keeps the public eye attention by the way she dresses and performs with such complexity.

She is anticipating broadening her horizons in the movie industry to enhance her credibility as far as writing and composing musical arrangements for upcoming films. She starred as an extra in the comical film called “Don Quixote” portraying as seductress escort arousing the witting, nutty professor from sabotaging his reputation in the setting of Las Vegas.

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