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Diane Bjorling

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Re: What Does Being In Business Mean To You?
9/6/2008 7:22:35 PM

Dear Jerome:

I came back to the forum to say to you how sorry we are for your loss.  Your sister-in-law sounds like she was a very special lady.  I wish you well.

I also read what you said about what your are doing... you willingness to reach out to people, to inform, help  and the giving of yourself is something so many talk about, but rarely in fact do.

Changes come in steps...yours is on a good path.

Take a Bow!

I know that Tim is going to enjoy sharing discussions with you...if there is anything i can do to help...let me know...we always make time for friends   :-)

To Your Success


P.S.  I hate it when people use skype as an advertising medium...erg!

Jerome Pfeifer

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Re: What Does Being In Business Mean To You?
9/6/2008 11:12:49 PM

Thanks Diane,

Yes my sister-in-law was a special lady, she was as close to me as if she was my own sister. They all are, we just had a little closer relationship.

She has a terminal illness that hardens the skin, I don't have the correct spelling of it right now, but it knocked out her kidneys, which is what finally took her out.

My Mother not my Mother-in-law, said she went to see her that Saturday, before I got there, and that she was sitting up in her bed making jokes, keeping everyone laughing, can you imagine that facing death laughing? That was Suzette. I miss her.

As for helping people, I got that from my childhood, from the man that raised me. As for the business skills, also from the man that raised me.

Also I read Anne Warfield's newsletters which is very enlightening on how to work with people. I like them because they help me in this endeavor.

That's why right at the front I have a list of Tutorials for beginners, some will use them and become great in some areas and some will be better than others, some will even outdo me. Which is what I am looking for.

I had to start and I had to do it all alone, looking for how to's to get started took up a great deal of my time, and thereby I was off to a slow start. I was even told that I did not need a web-site, how are you going to operate without one on the Internet. Sure blogs are a big help. But a Web-site should be first.

So I give out information that will cut the research time down to about 25 percent. I can not list everything that will be needed, but what I have listed will take you to the next level, with a lot of tips and tricks from the Professionals in that particular field.

So with my new found skills I am showing every new person that finds my site what I am using to fine tune them with.

I started out doing this from the first time I started posting in AdlandPro, you get to see my mistakes, as well as my successes. I am open. I almost quit, I am glad I did not.

It's people like you that makes this worth my time spent on line.

Thanks Diane.


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Lawrence Bergfeld

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Re: What Does Being In Business Mean To You?
12/16/2008 11:46:06 AM

It means making your own schedule. Having passion, working with the people who you want to work with and not having to answer to anyone.


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Tim Southernwood

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Re: What Does Being In Business Mean To You?
12/16/2008 4:21:59 PM
Hi Lawrence,

I'm only going to really disagree (in a friendly way) with one minor point you made.

I think we all have to answer to someone.

For some that might be the customer. For others it might be regulators, and for a few it might be other marketers. We all have to answer to the tax man, and believe me if you start making any REAL money..there'd better be a reserve put aside to deal with tax and in the future.

We all know (or should) that our Governments are watching closely, and they don't like being stiffed on billions worth of potential taxes. They just haven't been able to figure out a way to get access to it.

Anyway.. just some thoughts. Thanks for joining in the discussion!


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Re: What Does Being In Business Mean To You?
3/2/2009 10:48:01 AM


You hit a home run with this one.  You touched on all the things that a business means to me. 

I would just add that while we think about what a business means to us as the business owner, we must remember that it is also important to remember what your business means to others (clients/customers)

No matter how much we enjoy our businesses, in order for our business to be successful, it must solve a problem or fill a void for your prospective clients or customers.

Thank you for this very informative post.

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