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Neil Sperling

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What could be better than FREE?
7/14/2008 8:28:06 AM

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Jim Allen

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Re: What could be better than FREE?
7/14/2008 8:43:03 AM
Happy Monday Neil,

You know I ask people that same question all the tie!  I am amazed that so few people actually look at what they could receive FREE.  Even when it could mean THOUSANDS of Extra dollars in their pockets every year.


May Wisdom and the knowledge you gained go with you,

Jim Allen III
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Terri Pattio

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Re: What could be better than FREE?
7/14/2008 11:03:46 AM
Hi Neil,

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Re: What could be better than FREE?
7/14/2008 11:57:06 AM

Hi Neil!

I don´t really agree with you there.If networkers thinks that everything is for free all the time they´ll get so used with that thinking that they have hard to take that small risk it takes to begin to make money.And the worst of all, there are communities that claims that you can make money just by doing the things on the net you already are doing.That is a lie!

If someone really are serious in his business, he should ask himself, can I go into a store in the real life and get all for free?

Shure, we can join for free in the most programs, but today, I can even consider to join a program that isn´t free to join as well, if I know by others that it´s a good program.

And I´m not the one who just agree with all the others just to be "kind".



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