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Re: New Profile Photo
4/13/2008 8:51:47 PM
Dee they're all you so they're all beautiful. I can't choose just one.

I hope no one gets a real close up pic of me because it would probably break the camara! LOL

We're all getting older and putting on the pounds or (in my case) getting even shorter. So why fight it? I'll be 50 in August and I'm still clinging to my Miss Clairol bottle like it's gold. Maybe I'll try the blond look and see if blondes really do have more fun. Or maybe I'll just let the grey hang out and get a poofy doo like Ann Landers and start my own advice column. LOL

Let's just enjoy whatever age we are and quit worrying about what anyone thinks. We're all haters just step back and wish you were this good looking:)
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Re: New Profile Photo
4/13/2008 9:30:29 PM

Hi Dee!

Looks like the guys (except Bogie) are kinda afraid to enter the arena here. ;)

I agree with the ladies...You radiate in No.3

...and a little P.S. Most guys are afraid of giving the wrong answer. LOL



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Re: New Profile Photo
4/13/2008 9:49:34 PM
I like number 3 as well but wonder if it will be very small when you put it on.
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Re: New Profile Photo
4/13/2008 9:56:28 PM
I like all three, but persoanlly Dee your still look great!  Keep the one you just put up. Have a great Evening my friend! Thomas
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Re: New Profile Photo
4/13/2008 10:09:17 PM
Hi Lisa,

Thanks for stopping by and for spreading the word.

Thank you for the compliments, Yes it is a lovely dress we were at my step-daughters wedding in Belfast Northern Ireland. so it gave me a chance to dress up a little.

Take care because I care



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